Are Dandelions Really Daisy Lions?

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One of the sure signs of spring are the little yellow flowers that have popped up wherever there is dirt and grass!  Dandelions abound! 

Kids can have fun with them.  My children used to call them “daisylions” and that name has STUCK.  Even THEIR GRANDCHILDREN refer to dandelions as “daisylions.”  When I was a little girl I cut “daisylions” and pretended to cook them in my playhouse.  I pretended they were delicious and served them to my dolls, who also pretended they were gourmet items.

Thank goodness I grew up, even though I’ll deny that fact.  I learned from my good friend, Kay Young, author of “Wild Seasons” that “daisylions” are indeed delicious and they ARE gourmet items.

In her book, Kay talks about how someone taught her as a small child that she could eat the little yellow flowers and the leaves and she felt grateful and comforted, even as a youngster, that she knew she would always have food to eat.

Here’s a “Cooking Tip” taken from what transpired when I harvested some “daisylions” from our yard:

I was comfortable about bringing the greens and the blossoms into the kitchen because I am certain there have been no sprays used in or near our yard.  I dug some plants out of the earth with a small knife.  It was fun to pluck off the cheery yellow blooms and twist them away from the stems.  The leaves were dark and tender with bits of red color near the root end. 

The crop was brought into the kitchen, rinsed with good water.  I used reverse osmosis water and let the blossoms and leaves rest in the water for about an hour.  When I looked at them again, some debris had fallen to the bottom of the bowl so I emptied the bowl and strained the goods.  I then separated the flowers from the leaves and placed them into covered refrigerator containers to keep them fresh in the fridge.  I let the leaves dry on a paper towel until I put them into a covered container and slid them on the shelf beside the flowers.

I planned to create a gourmet meal last night, but then life happened, as life is wont to do!

Today I put the yellow goodies into scrambled eggs, along with a bit of bacon and some chopped chives we’d gathered from the yard.  Oh, but that was delish!  The yellow of the blooms enhanced the yellow of the fresh eggs and it was a feast of abundance for sure!

As for the leaves, those were added to leftover green veggie salad.  They were very tender and sweet and with a dressing of rice vinegar and a teeny drizzle of bacon drippings we had the perfect lunch.  Dessert?  Applesauce-made from apples we picked from the tree in our yard-with a sprinkle of cinammon and barley powder.

Now, the eggs had been given to us. The lettuce was left over from another meal.  The chives and “daisylions” cost nothing. The apples cost nothing, as well.  The only expense incurred was the cinammon, barley powder, 3 strips of bacon, a drizzle of vinegar and the heat to cook it!  BUT THE BEST THINGS are that everything TASTED DIVINE and FILLED OUR TUMMIES.  We left the lunch table feeling full and well nourished. 

If you participate in the SNAP program-using food stamps, food commodities or food pantries, this menu notion may be of value to you.  If you are a foodie and have not learned how tasty “daisylions” can be this may pique your interest as well.  Everyone likes to save money and most folks like to learn new ways of doing things.

Kay Young has more uses for “daisylions” in her book.  I’ll review some of them for you soon.

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Connie Baum



  1. Anita says:

    I am in 7th heaven! You mean I actually have FOOD growing in my front yard?! I love it! Now…. what can I do with the little purple flowers growing out there…. any way to eat them? Keep the ideas coming Connie! Good stuff!

  2. Connie Baum says:

    Yes, indeed! You can cut down on your food bill and ramp up your nutrition for next to nothing! How’s THAT for good news in today’s economy?

    As for the little purple flowers…stay tuned. There is something fun to do with those, too.

    If I ever learn how to work the video and the audio I can share lots of info and you will hear the delight in my voice!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Anita!


  3. Sheila Davis says:

    Oh, my. I now can hardly wait for our dandelions plants to prodeuce daisylion heads. As a child my grandmother cooked the leaves, but I thought they were bitter then, but of course I turned up my nose to her spinach, too. But now I love spinach any way one fixes it, and I can’t wait to put some daisylion leaves in my tossed salad for guests tomorrow eve.
    Daisylion stems were my favorite toy as a child come summer. My two friends, Venla, Gladys, and I wourld make chains that would go entirely around the block of 300 Tilden and Blaine Streets hin Holdrege, Nebr.

  4. Connie Baum says:

    Brings back delicious memories, doesn’t it, Sheila? You may never look again at daisylions in the same way! Have fun with your guests; they will have fun with daisylions and brag all next week about the gourmet meal they had at Sheila’s house!


  5. Imee says:

    Your prediction was right… I love this post, Connie! 🙂 I’m always discovering new things from you.

    I always knew some flowers were edible, but never have I thought that dandelions/”daisy lions” were! Best of all, they cost nearly nothing ’cause it’s in everyone’s yards. Unless, you know, we’ve eaten them all. lol. ;p Gotta tell my mom about putting them in our eggs like you did. I’ve been obsessed with eating eggs lately (okay, maybe not really but I’ve been eating them 1x/day everyday for the past two weeks, haha).

    Take care, looking forward to your next post!

  6. admin says:

    Thank you so much, Imee, for stopping by and taking the time to leave your dear comment!