Are These Eggs Fresh?

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 I believe that variety is the spice of life so when it comes to breakfast I like to mix things up.  We like most everything so it’s pretty easy to please our palates…

  Today I chose to poach some eggs.  I heated the water and salted it.  I waited for it to bubble and when it did I began to add the eggs, one at a time.  I wanted them to float JUST SO and be well formed.  I wanted them to LOOK like the ones they show in television commercials and on the Food Channel.  Silly me.

  One of the eggs had been cracked so it was stuck in the carton.  In the process of my perfectionistic attempt for pretty eggs I made a complete mess. BUT the eggs cooked and could be plopped onto a slice of crisp and buttered toast…THEY’RE JUST EGGS, after all.

  As we enjoyed our meal and sipped our juice we discussed perfectionism.  When we seek perfect eggs, perfect whatEVER, we place unrealistic expectations on outcomes that actually DO NOT MATTER, thank you very much.

  We do this to ourselves, especially during the holidays.  We fancy that we must give the PERFECT gifts, we must make the PERFECT party foods, the list is endless. 

  With what result?  Ulcers?  Arguments with our families?  Tears?  Regret? 

  Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored, just as is the food that nourishes us.  Let us take in every moment as they are given to us.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is not here yet.  Today is the gift of now; that’s why we call it a PRESENT.

  So, if your eggs are fresh and you can relax and laugh at yourself you’ll feel much better about this blessed holiday season!

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Connie Baum



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