Boy, Is Our Mail Fun or WHAT?

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You may or may not be aware that every effort is made to bring to all of you the very best we have to offer.  We are sincerely concerned about the plight of people who need food stamps, fill their cupboards from food pantries and depend on food commodities.

Well, my good friends, our mail indicates that we are not alone.  There IS help out there.  We just needed to know how to access it. 

I got a precious email from one Alice Lockett.  She is a NUTRITIONIST who works with the Federal Food Stamps Program!  Look at the mountain of information she was kind enough to share:

“Dear Food Stamp Cooking Club:

I am a nutritionist at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly called the Food Stamp Program.  A colleague of mine sent me the link to your site the “Food Stamp Cooking Club”.  I thought you might be interested in some of the resources we have available for folks who are eligible for SNAP benefits. 

The SNAP-Ed Connection ( is a dynamic online resource center for State and local SNAP-Ed providers.  SNAP-Ed Connection helps educators meet their professional development needs by providing information on valuable training and continuing education resources.  SNAP-Ed Connection facilitates access to education materials developed specifically for SNAP eligibles.

o       SNAP-Ed Addresses Rising Food Cost:  Rising food prices and uncertain economic conditions are making it harder for many Americans, especially low-income families to make ends meet.  To that end, SNAP-Ed in collaboration with USDA National Agricultural Library/Food and Information Center/ Food Stamp Nutrition Connection has developed a Fact Sheet and a dedicated web page to address the problems of rising food cost issues.  The Fact sheet is called “Eat Right When Money’s Tight”:

o       This fact sheet includes methods for stretching the food budget while maintaining a healthy diet.  It includes tips on creating a family food budget, making use of foods that are on hand, preparing a shopping a list, shopping techniques before, during and after going to the grocery store, and what foods are the best choice for cost and nutrition.  The factsheet also provides additional information resources from other USDA nutrition assistance programs.

o       The SNAP-Ed Connection has developed a dedicated web page titled “Making Ends Meet: Eating Well When Money’s Tight”.  The content of this web page includes links to resources for managing your food dollars wisely with over 100 low cost recipes from the Recipe Finder Database costing 25 cents or less per serving.

o       The Recipe Finder Database is one of the most popular components on the SNAP-Ed website.  This database of over 400 recipes is for use by nutrition educators working with the SNAP eligible population. Educators can search for relevant nutrition topics and audience specific recipes to help SNAP recipients make healthy, low cost food choices. Recipes include useful information such as cost per serving and per recipe. Nutrient analysis, including trans-fat, is also included for each recipe. 

o       SNAP-Ed’s Recipe Finder Available in Spanish: The SNAP-Ed Connection recently released “Buscador de Recetas,” the Spanish translation of the Recipe Finder Database. Users now have the option of searching the database of over 400 recipes in both Spanish and English. Recipes included generally use low cost, readily available ingredients; can be prepared quickly; use simple measurements and basic equipment; and are compatible with the existing US Dietary Guidelines for Americans. To access the Spanish version of the FSNC Recipe Finder, visit the web site at

We hope you find these resources helpful. “

I’d like to remind you that your local County Extension Service  Agents can point you in the direction of helpful resources and may have local contacts with farmers, gardeners and cooks who can offer their expertise and counsel!

Well!  There you have it!  These are wonderful sites that you can access as quickly as you clicked here at the Food Stamps Cooking Club!  They will help all of us make better use of our food dollars!

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