Cookbooks: Who Doesn’t Love Them?

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You Have to Love Cook Books!

You Have to Love Cook Books!

Recipe books are very popular.   Men and women share the passion surrounding  them because both guys and dolls love to eat!  I am the proud owner of a new cookbook: “Tasteful Treasures” which is a collection of tasty treats from South East Nebraska!

The South East Nebraska Community Action Council’s Advisory Board teamed up with Tecumseh’s Civic Club to hold a highly successful fund raising event tonight.  They served their signature pancakes with sausages and the whole evening was a huge hit with everybody in town! A freewill offering was collected.  Our area can boast of many generous pancake lovers.

Everyone likes to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  There was a box at the entryway for donations of canned goods and it quickly filled.  There were Tasteful Treasures cookbooks for sale and those went home with people who could hardly wait to try out the new recipes.  The Methodist Youth Group was auctioned off for their services.  And no one even raised an eyebrow when it was announced ‘the Methodist minister was selling his kids.’

The funds collected will help support the services of the Council.  Senior meals, prepared by Loretta Ensor, are served there.  Meals on Wheels are delivered from the Center and there are other services available to the community.  That’s also where the office of the SENCA Family Development Associate, Terri Brethouwer is housed.

Those who use EBT cards furnished by SNAP or WIC might also have need for the food pantry or food commodities and those foods are made available from this location.

If you know someone who is in need, please let them know that Johnson County does what they can to be of assistance.  The number to call is 402 335 2134.  If you live outside of Johnson County you can ask at your county court house and they can provide you with the appropriate information.

In Nebraska you can apply for assistance by logging on to .

The cookbook I mentioned earlier has loads of helpful info.  If you have opted in to this page or to Food Stamps Cooking Club you are receiving some occasional messages to your Inbox.  I suspect you will be seeing some of the clever tips listed in the new cookbook very soon!  So, stay tuned!

We hope you’ll leave us a comment here and you are welcome as always to send us a hey at  When you visit our partners, you’ll see how you can boost your bottom line.  That will help fund your food budget!

Connie Baum



  1. I really don’t know how you can come up with all the ideas to write like you do. I am still waiting for your cookbook to come out with all the goodies recipes that you prepare. Keep it up. Looks like winter is coming so you will have a lot of time to write now.


  2. Oh, Caroline! So good to see you here! I get most of my ideas from you and all the other Club members! Just about the time I run out of ideas on my own, some dear Club member pops up from anywhere in the world and suggests things!

    Is it any wonder I love my life?

    I love you. Madly. Thanks again for visiting and taking time to comment!

    Mother Connie