Cooking with Beans?

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Beans and Grains Partner Very Well

Beans and Grains Partner Very Well

Oh, if only you could smell the kitchen today!  There are fat little organic Northern beans simmering in a pot alongside rice, organic carrots and onions in a rich broth of chicken stock and seasonings.  Oh, yes…there is a bit of bacon in the pot, as well.

When it’s closer to mealtime I’ll mix up a batch of cornbread and bake it in an ancient iron skillet!  This will make a perfect Autumn meal for the two of us.

Better than that, we will have leftover soup for another time!

You may not know that beans + grains constitute a complete protein.  Beans are loaded with fiber, too.  I’m grateful for the lesson Irene Jones’ grandma passed along:  “Add a bit of ginger to keep the ‘wind’ out of those beans!”

We are blessed to have plenty to eat.  The garden froze last night, so that’s a done deal.  But the little packs of zucchini that line our freezer make me feel secure for a long winter ahead.

Some folks would not have enough to eat were it not for agencies and assistance from Angel Food Ministries, SNAP, WIC, food pantries and food commodities.

Do you have  a neighbor who uses any of these life saving, life giving helps?  What could we all do, as neighbors, to help others learn the best, healthiest ways to prepare food for our families?

My neighbor taught me how to add cheese to zucchini.  I wonder if I taught them any new tricks…?

I was visiting with some people recently who had no inkling that boxes of mac n cheese were not as cost effective as a bag of pasta and a block of cheese.  It’s the teeny little ideas like these that can make all the difference in a family’s life and the quality of it.  What can we do to help one another?

Cooking with beans might be a great start!

Please tell us how your neighbors help one another.  Send us mail at, or leave your comment on this very page!

We so appreciate every one of you.  Each of you has value and you are all needed to make the world a better place.

Connie Baum


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