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One of my personal favorite websites is Cook It Quick! and I refer to it often.  I am amused to note that they are now active on www.Twitter.com!  We have Food Stamps Cooking Club members who are in our personal Twitter stream!  How much fun is THAT?  You are welcome to join that Twitter stream by clicking here: Twitter.com/motherconnie

When I made my most recent grocery run, I noticed bananas have increased in price.  That’s a pity because I have a little snack idea for you that calls for bananas:

Monkey Milk

1 banana, fairly ripe

1 cup chocolate milk (you can use commercial chocolate flavoring in dry or regular milk)

1 cup frozen yogurt or ice cream

Mash the banana, put everything into a blender and whirl until smooth.

Monkey Milk is a snack that children will clamor for again and again.  You can vary this combo by adding a spoonful of peanut butter or changing the flavor with berries.  Using 1/4 cup of protein powder will help keep youngsters from craving sweets, too.


We hope you have time in your busy lives to pop in on our partners.  They are sincerely interested in helping you boost your bottom line and make the most of your food dollars. They are keenly aware of the challenges posed when depending on food pantries, food commodities or just managing the food budget on any income.   Some people can procure food through Angel Food Ministries, too.  If we are able to help those folk and those who are using the SNAP program assistance, we are fulfilling our mission.

Your emails have cheered our hearts and they have been DELIGHTFUL!  Keep them coming at foodstampscookingclub@gmail.com !

Connie Baum


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