Do YOU Have Resolutions?

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The more times I have been 33, which is considerable, the less I concern myself with new year’s resolutions.  They never have worked out very well for me.  But if YOU have them, I hope they do for you whatever you wish!

Parties.  Now THOSE DO IT FOR ME! 

 As a food stamps user, or if you are shopping from a food pantry, or your food supply came in a bundle of food commodities, you might look at parties differently from a consumer who has wads of cash.  Can we agree that consumers are not always the most budget minded when it comes to party prep and meal prep?

In our house, there will be a private party tonight featuring home made pizza!  We debated the pros and cons of soda pop to accompany our entree` but, price being the criteria, we went with water!  Silly us.  We’ll think we are having great fun!  And we’ll be right.

In our families, nothing much was made of New Year’s Day, either.  Tomorrow, for just the two of us, we’ll have a modest chicken dinner.  But I want to tell you how I’ll prepare the sweet potatoes for that meal:

Sweet Potato Sticks

Wash the potatoes thoroughly, place on a baking sheet, drizzle with vegetable oil, and cover with foil.  Place them in a preheated oven set at 400 degrees and let them hang out in the oven for about 20 minutes, or until tender.  When they come out of the oven, peel the jackets off and slice the potatoes into long chunks.  Sprinkle them lightly with cinnamon and nutmeg and watch people smile when they bit into these “sweet tater fries”.

This food idea came from the author of “Wild Seasons”, Kay Young.

As we enter a brand new year with high hopes for fresh starts, I hope you’ll keep in mind our good friends and partners as foodies…Saving Dinner


Connie Baum


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  1. Sweet potato fries sound awesome! I am not much of a cook but this sounds like a recipe that would be hard for even me to goof up!

    The local grocery store where I am staying doesn’t have any nutmeg so I may have to try them out with just cinnamon for now.