Food Budgets Aside; Want to See a Movie?

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People who have to be careful with their food dollars find it difficult to find movie money.  I am so fortunate that I was able to squeeze enough for a matinee last week.  Food Stamps Cooking Club is not a movie review site of course, but I can’t wait to share with you about it!

As you might expect, it was the “Julie & Julia” movie you have heard so much about.  I was not disappointed.  Meryl Streep incarnated Julia Child and I plumb forgot that it was a role she played.  It seemed certain that the imposing figure of Julia-and her distinctive voice-were in that dark theater with us!

There were foodies of every age, shape and stripe in that movie house.  Because it was a matinee, most had white hair, but an impressive number of fellows were there.  I wasn’t sure if the guys came because they were goaded into it, or if they had to drive their women to the mall anyway, or if they just liked to cook.  I was fairly certain they like to eat.

I related with Julie, the blogger.  Oddly, I also related with Julia, the food expert I watched on a little black and white television set in my very early youth.  And I could relate with the way both women’s husbands appreciated the food that came out of both kitchens!  As the story line progressed I recalled seeing Julia prepare food on her 90th birthday on some morning news show.  It was more emotional for me than I had expected it to be.

Food and eating is an emotional event, really.  Even if our grandmothers were “on the dole” and got their food supply from wherever they could scare it up, they made sure we ate until we were full.  They put that food on dishes that we still remember and make every effort to buy copies of at flea markets and yard sales.

We have pictures in our heads of the piles of chicken or the butter that drizzled down our arms to our elbows when corn on the cob was featured.  As adults, we want our food to look and taste the way our own mothers’ food did!

Even now, whether we use Farmers Markets coupons or food commodities; food pantries or SNAP funds, our generation and even young families can make the effort to set a table where the family can sit together, share their day’s activities and plan for family fun.  This simple ritual will lay a strong foundation for generations of happy families to come!

Our Food Stamps Cooking Club experiences with food may not be fodder for the movies, but as individuals, we can create whatever life we wish!  That is especially true if we are healthy and resourceful!

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Connie Baum



  1. WritewhereUr says:

    Well Ms. Connie:
    I have to say, i have been wanting to see this movie and you peaked my interest. I only wish you lived closer so that we could have watched it together…that would have been fun.

    My daughter in law would watch it with me…but she doesn’t live close. Hmmmm…who else would enjoy this i wonder? You set my mind to contemplating. 🙂

    What a joy it is to come here and read and learn; thanks for what you do on this site.

  2. Your comments always make my heart sing, Rainy! Not only do I wish you were close enough to hang out at the movies with me but I wish you could come and participate in our Cooking Class! Today I am working on the plans and you would be DELIGHTED, I think!

    Your encouragement means so much to me and to the other Club members. Thank you for taking the time to pop in and leave your thumbprint on our lives!

    Mother Connie