Food Stamps Cooking Club: Benevolent Gardener?

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We're getting into that season where it's important to lock the car to make sure no one stuffs zucchini into the back seat while you're out of the car!


A benevolent gardener left a neat row of organic cucumbers by the church door so anyone in need of the veggies could help themselves.  I was grateful to have a fresh, firm, good sized cuke to use in a salad I had in mind.

This morning I assembled my ingredients and set about to chop that cucumber into delectable, bite sized pieces.  I planned to pair it with the fat red tomato The Normanator had brought in from the garden.  Our garden has been less than spectacular so he’s been nursing this tomato on the vine for days, waiting for it to ripen.

You can only imagine my surprise when that cucumber “became” a zucchini!  So I did the most resourceful thing I knew to do:  I pretended it was a cuke and peeled and chopped it as if it WERE a cucumber.  Then I got the real cuke out of the fridge and did the very same thing with it.  These products were about the same size and shape, so they were well matched.  Then I chopped a small onion.

All this chopping gave me a fresh, aromatic pile of fresh veggies.  I splashed on the last of a bottle of white vinegar, added a splash of balsamic vinegar and sprinkled salt, pepper and a bit of sugar over the whole works.  I stirred.  I tasted.  I marveled.  O MY GOODNESS, talk about delishiousness!

Our bodies need vinegar to help us with digestion and acid/alkaline balance.  I can hardly WAIT for lunchtime!

If you are a user of food pantries, food commodities or if you depend on SNAP or WIC or Angel Food Ministries, I hope this experience will add value to your cooking and meal prep.  Even if you are frugal or new to culinary duties we hope to offer help and hope in dealing with meal making and being healthy.

What experiences or “almost oopsies” have YOU had that you could share with us?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave your comment here on the blog or send your stories to our email address:

The offline Cooking Class will be held on Thursday so we are super excited to share that with all of you!  Do stay tuned!

Connie Baum

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  1. Sandra in MO says:

    Wow! Mother Connie, that sounds wonderful. I usually just roast my zukes in the oven with some salt and pepper. But I have a friend who marinates hers and then dehydrates them. So they turn out like chips but are healthier. Imagine some zukes chips flavored with italian dressing, balsamic vinegar, or even bbq sauce. Yum Yum! And zukes are so easy to grow. 🙂

    I also love to use zukes in veggie fajitas a few times a summer. I just cut zukes and yellow squash in long strips and saute them with onions, peppers, and peeled tomatoes. Then I serve them in tortillas with some sour cream and cheese. Yummy and healthy! 🙂