Food Stamps Cooking Club: Breakfast is Served?

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Breakfast, with a bit of planning, can be a great day starter, even on a frugal budget!

Food Stamps Cooking Club has a brand new page!  Stop by there and leave YOUR morning menu there for us to see, won’t you, please?

It was Mikemax’s idea to start this  new page. She, like many of us, has come through a long and expensive month.  Having a good breakfast is important and even when you are squeezing your nickels until the buffaloes bellow, you can eat well and wisely.

Users of Angel Food Ministries, those who watch every penny of their food budget to s t r e t c h their food dollars, holders of EBT cards for SNAP or WIC, consumers of food commodities and food pantry food, lovers of comfort food and foodies in general can get good help from the new page.  Everyone will be welcome to GIVE good ideas, as well.  You may leave your comment on the new page, on this post, or you could send an email to  and make our day!

You have been spreading the word, it seems, about this little blog.  For one thing, we have been nominated for Babble’s Top 100 Food Bloggers for 2011 and currently sit at #41-THANK YOU-and you have sent your pals to submit their names and email addresses in order to receive our series of cooking tips and infrequent email messages.  THANK YOU AGAIN!  And WELCOME to all the new Club Members!  It is great to have you as part of our foodie family!

Connie Baum

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  1. Carol M says:

    Hey Connie!
    So what did YOU have for bfst today? : )

    I’m reporting in:
    -2 kids: each had hot cocoa, 2 pkts apple cinnamon oats from AF
    -one kid at colleg
    -one kid never eats first thing, weird stomach
    -I had cup of Aldi’s reconstituted OJ, 1 1/2 bowls of Kellogg’s raisin bran with 1% milk (that 325 calories and 11 grams fiber), 1 cup Aldi’s hot coffee with sugar, Aldi’s 1/2 and 1/2

    DH? He had a slice of Angel food pie: mrs smiths apple-raisin spice. Hot coffee, plain. Since the colonists also ate pie for bfst, I guess it’s better than nothing.


  2. Webmaster says:

    Carol, I think your DH has something going on there, with that pie. EXCELLENT choice! Good fiber, fruit sugar, good carbs, great flavor…I might have to get that on OUR breakfast menu soon!

    I am reminded of the time when I was around 9 years old and we had overnight guests. Connie Jo and I got up early and drank orange soda pop with chocolate cake. Our mothers were horrified; we were so sure they’d highly approve of the orange soda.

    I love hearing about what other people eat! Maybe it’s cuz I’m a foodie?

    Mother Connie

  3. mikemax says:

    Straight outta the hen poached egg
    Pumpernickel toast with about 1 tsp. Smart Balance light spread (I’m dieting, otherwise it would be butter)
    1/2 glass Florida’s Natural OJ–on sale; and did you know that this brand is 100% grown in the USA?
    Two cups of tea

    I start every morning with 2 cups of tea! Like CarolM’s kid with the weird stomach, I’ve never enjoyed breakfast first thing in the morning, either. (My mom said I was a weird little kid about this).

    My idea for this topic (we’re gonna do lunch next week, LOL) is to present a variety of cheap breakfasts–the good, the bad and the truly ugly. Lest you think I believe Carol’s hubby had an ugly breakfast–I wanna eat with him as long as it lasts! I am dieting (more or less Weight Watchers) but pie has always been my favorite breakfast!

    OK, guys–there are more people here than just Connie,Carol, Rainy, Donna and myself. What did YOU eat today?

  4. Oh my, my face is red. Why couldn’t you ask on a more nutritious day? I’m just so honest I have to tell the truth.

    Three slices of leftover salami, mushroom and garlic pizza followed by a Dove chocolate bar. I don’t eat like this every morning. I swear. Is that the food police I hear?

  5. Webmaster says:

    Silly girl! No need to be embarrassed! We’re all friends here and no judgments are being made.

    Food police? I think they all went North someplace…let’s hope…

    Maybe if we fed leftover salami, pizza and a Dove bar to our kids they’d come to the breakfast table more cheerfully? Well, it’s a thought…

    Thanks for checking in. Your comment will go on the new page: What Did YOU Eat for Breakfast?

    Big warm hugs
    Mother Connie

  6. Sheila Davis says:

    first brought water to a boil and chopped up an apple skin and all fine, added handful of golden raisins let boil few minutes before adding oatmeal. Cooked like normal. Put in bowls and sprinkled heavily with cinnamon and some 1% milk. Had with small glass of v8 juice.
    Met gals for coffee at nine.
    Home at 10:30 and ate some yogurt.

    Lunch was half of a whole wheat Eng. muffin with slice of Havarti cheese and slice of tomato and pepper on top and placed in broiler til cheese melted. Side of celery and carrot and glass of water.

    Dinner was fish/ steelhead/ stewed tomatoes, fresh spinach with slivered almonds/ and slice of sourdough bread with garlic.

  7. Webmaster says:

    Sounds good, Sheila. I’m wondering if your meals even resemble the meals we ate growing up. I dunno about YOU but I do not cook the way my mom did. Do you cook the way YOUR mother did? Seriously, I bet my mom never even heard of Havarti cheese and the only spinach we ever had came out of a can!

    As an aside, The Normanator happened on to a bargain at the local market. He got TWO gorgeous heads of leaf lettuce for the price of ONE. What a guy!

    Thanks so much for chiming in and please hurry back. Mikemax says we’ll post our lunch menus next week. LOL

    Mother Connie

  8. Webmaster says:

    You can find out what Club Members are eating for breakfast this week and you may add YOUR breakfast choices by clicking on “What Did YOU Have for Breakfast?” at the top of this page.

    We can’t WAIT to hear what YOU have to say!

    ~Mother Connie