Food Stamps Cooking Club: Doing the Happy Dance?

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I dunno if this is how the Happy Dance looks but Mother Connie is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

When it was decided that people who use public assistance to fund their food budgets-SNAP and WIC, for example or food commodities; even food pantries it never occurred to Mother Connie that it would have the impact that we are seeing today!

Here’s what’s really going on:

You know how I nag all of you for comments…well, many of you have responded thoughtfully by offering your remarks, your messages, your recipes, your blog posts and your undying support.  You have even, much to the delight of this blogger, created community and dialogue!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Some people are shy, however.  Even though you know you can comment anonymously, there are those who have great ideas but are just too bashful to come forward.  Mother Connie understands.

Today the phone rang; on the other end was a gentleman who wanted to touch base with the Club to let someone know he loves to cook but doesn’t always know for sure how things go together.  We had quite the discussion about limes vs lemons and cilantro and how much might be too much.  It was exhilarating, because I realized once again that we are making an impact!

Our caller is an avid and talented gardener.  He has a market garden, which means he raises organic foods that are sold at the Farmers Market.  His customers clamor for his melons, his tomatoes and his luscious sweet potatoes.  As his crops ripen they quickly go to market to be purchased by people who seek quality foodstuffs.  He promised to taste test the sweet tater recipe in question and will happily share it here!

DO YOU SEE HOW YOU ALL ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE?  I want you to go to the mirror, smile at your self and say “Thank You.”  Say it like you mean it because you all are wonderful!

In the same vein, I can tell you that recently I was able to promote the use of Angel Food Ministries to a couple of group homes-boy, do THEY ever need to save money on food!-and to some people who had not heard of the wonderful service they render.

We all need one another, you see.  And Mother Connie is doing the Happy Dance because you are all rallying around one another in full support!



Mother Connie

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  1. WritewhereUr says:

    knowing you….I am sure that you shared with him the fact that NOT knowing what “goes together” in the kitchen is part of the fun. That is where experimenting can turn a dish into something to remember ( or, one to quickly forget as the case might be).

    Some of my greatest successes in the kitchen have happen by being creative when I was missing an item or two and had to substitute with something “different”.

    Starting with healthy, organic items guarantees that you are providing food of value and substance. Thanks for all you do by providing the good-stuff to feed families. Rock on Mr. Man!

  2. Webmaster says:

    Oh, Rainy…this is so true! We can either have something wonderful from our “mistakes” or we can have a good laugh over “the time we…”

    At our house, we mostly laugh!

    Grinning and Grateful,
    Mother Connie