Food Stamps Cooking Club: Fall Calls for Bread Pudding

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Fall is in the air and so is the fragrance of bread pudding! Cheap n easy! That's how we roll at Food Stamps Cooking Club!

One of our faithful members, Rainy, has offered up this cute story and easy-do, inexpensive treat.

“Fall is inching towards us and along with all of the beautiful artistry that God paints our scenery with…Fall brings out the desire to wrap ourselves in comforting clothes, foods, and smells.  That means digging through closets for those nice soft, bulky sweaters and preparing foods and beverages that are piping hot and filling; evoking memories of meals that Mom and Grandma would make.

One of those types of treats is a basic bread pudding recipe. Years ago, my mother in law was talking about her bread pudding recipe.  She was going to make a batch because she said she had stale bread and souring milk to get rid of.  ha ha ha Now doesn’t that sound tempting.  NOT….and that is exactly what I thought.

When she had made it, the outcome didn’t look or taste any better to me, than my thoughts.  She took it out of the oven and served it to rave reviews by everyone except me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother in law and wouldn’t have hurt her feelings for anything in the world.  But, to my eye…it looked a little too gummy to my particular liking; maybe if she’d cooked it a little longer I might have had a different perception of it.

As it was, it took me years to fall in love with bread pudding because of my 1st impression. If it were me, I thought to myself, I would do this or that.  I started tweaking it in my own mind.  Her recipe had milk, sugar, bread, cinnamon and raisins.  Good ingredients and I have made it that way myself many times.

However, I started experimenting.  Over time, I added apples, peaches, nuts and so on.  IN OTHER WORDS, I add in whatever strikes my mood. Here is my basic recipe…add whatever you like:

A loaf and a half of bread (it doesn’t HAVE to be stale like my mother in law believed); rip the bread into pieces in a large bowl and add… About 2/3 cup of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves, and enough milk (or if you desire you can use apple cider) to saturate the bread.  Spray a deep cookie sheet 11×13 with non stick spray.  Then pour the bread mixture into the pan and pat it evenly over the pan.  Add whatever fruit you desire…it can be fresh, canned or frozen.  Just remember, if it is frozen thaw it first and drain excess liquid.  Add nuts if you desire. An exceptional combination is to add cherries or raspberries and about a cup of dark chocolate chips/chunks and some walnuts or pecan pieces.   I have even made bread pudding with the apples and then made a orange flavored glaze to drizzle over the top after the bread pudding has cooked to a soft inside consistency with a slightly crispy, lightly brown topside.    This is a perfect dish to serve with coffee or tea for company; or, to serve alongside Connie’s quiche recipe for a great morning start to your day or, for one of those blustery Fall evening meals when you are chilled and just want the smells of fall to perfume the air.  Enjoy!”

–Rainy Please take the time to visit Rainy’s blog and leave a comment for her, won’t you?  Thanks; I’m sure she will deeply appreciate that.

Oh, good grief, Rainy!  I can hardly wait to get to the kitchen to stir this up this comfort food!  THANK YOU.

For those who are using Angel Food Ministries, EBT cards from WIC or SNAP, food from food pantries or food commodities will appreciate Rainy’s recipe because it is really comfort food on a shoestring.  And those who are frugal will want to try this goody!

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  1. Thank you Rainy. I need this recipe because I have never had bread pudding before.

  2. Webmaster says:

    Oh, I’m TELLING you, iamtheworkingpoor, you are gonna LOVE this. You’ll be fixing this dish every which way and you will have SUCH happy tummies at your house!

    Ya gotta love Rainy, huh? Thanks for coming by, leaving your footprint; Thanks to Rainy for great ideas for dessert!

    Mother Connie