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Any of these fruits would be suitable for a fruit roll for the teacher!

The Normantor, The Bird and I were having our second cup of coffee in the Club House this morning when the subject of Fruit Rolls came up.  The Bird giggled when asked if he recalled taking oranges for his teachers.  The Normanator had never heard tell of such a thing.  Then it was The Bird’s and my turn to giggle.

In case you are in The Normanator’s camp and unfamiliar with this long standing tradition from Mother Connie’s childhood, allow me to enlighten you.  The word would be spread among the kids at school that there would be a Fruit Roll for Teacher on such-and-such a day.  Each child was to bring a piece of fruit and keep it out of Teacher’s sight.  During class time, someone would stand and cry out “Fruit Roll!” and everyone would roll their offering on the floor, along the rows of desks, arriving at the Teacher’s feet.  She would pretend to be surprised-grapefruits are hard for first graders to hide- and everyone would clap and holler, “YAY! Teacher!”  Sometimes it would be to welcome the instructor back from an illness or birth of a baby or simply to honor them at the end of the school year.

Mother Connie teased The Normanator that since he is MUCH older-she has remained 33 but he just observed another birthday last week-this tradition of rolling fruit is something for the younger generation.

SIDEBAR:  The Normanator did not buy that story. END SIDEBAR.

Now treats called fruit rolls can be purchased in boxes by the dozens.  That is a completely different kettle of fish…

When Mother Connie’s kids were little, drying fruit was a popular activity.  Dehydrators came along and fruit or any food could be dried and preserved relatively easily.

Dried fruits are wonderful because they keep well and they are so sweet that it takes a very small amount to satisfy a sweet tooth or make a hot cereal more interesting.  They are great snacks for lunchboxes and after school or road trips, too.

Fruit leathers...

I think these things can be made in an oven but I’m no expert, nor do I have a dehydrator.  So let’s toss this one to the Club Members.  They are THE most clever people on the planet, very cost conscious and creative.  It will be great fun to hear from everybody.

You can leave your ideas and recipes in the Comments section or send them to

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OK, boys and girls.  Let us know about your dehydrator recipes!

Connie Baum

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  1. Donna says:

    My neighbor makes these; I’ll see if she will give me her recipe. Kids really like them. Donna