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If EVERYONE at the table eats garlic, kissing the cook will be a good thing!

I found a little item in a health food brochure that came my way and it got me thinking about garlic. This herb is so much more than a wonderful addition to bread or meat and vegetable offerings.  It truly is a health food.  Plus, it is inexpensive to buy or to grow.  It’s a terrific bargain and it is scrup-deedly-umptious!

There has been a wealth of research done about garlic over many years’ time.  It has been shown to significantly help fight free radicals, it can reduce cholesterol as well as improve heart problems and it helps with blood issues.  Not to mention its antibacterial properties, which help keep our immune systems strong and illness at bay.

Whether you choose to eat it with your foods and/or use it in a supplemental form, garlic will please your palate and keep you feeling fit as a fiddle!

A dear client once told me that her favorite way to use garlic was with roast chicken.  She used 30 buds of garlic in the cavity and around the bird as she slow roasted the chicken!  30 sounds like a lot to me but I tried it and it was delish.

When you roast garlic it gets sweeter, so that garlicky flavor married into the flavor of the poultry and was very, very good.  Of course, salt and pepper went with that.  Simple.  Simple.  Simple.  And not a costly meal at all.  Naturally, you could add any collection of veggies to that and do your entire meal in the oven.

Yum.  Makes me want to check the freezer to see if there is an old dead bird there, or parts of one just to roast with garlic!

Using garlic-infused oils are a nice way to make a garlic bread.  If you don’t have such a thing in your pantry, it’s easy to make.  Just pour some good salad oil-my fave is Olive Oil-into a pitcher, drop in some garlic buds and leave it, covered.  In a day or two, you will have garlic flavored oil that can be brushed onto slices of bread that can then be toasted in the oven.  Oh, how good that would be with a pasta dish!

If you saute` garlic, make sure the heat is moderate because garlic that has been cooked too hot and too quickly tends to burn and that is not the flavor you want to add to your dishes!

Do any of our Club Members grow garlic in their gardens?  We’d love to hear from you.  Just send an email to

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  1. WritewhereUr says:

    I love garlic…I put it in many of our family meals. It is great in eggs, meat, pasta or even raw vegetable dishes.

    The health benefits only increase my love affair with garlic. It actually has antibiotic properties to it as well…so, garlic can be put right up there with the old saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe a little garlic each day could have the same kind of effect. Either way…garlic adds much flavor to life in our house both in a culinary way and in a healthy way!

  2. GUESS WHAT, Rainy? You ALWAYS fill in my blank spaces…as I was writing this post I searched my brain for ‘antibiotic’ but that word hid in the folds of my gray matter! THANK YOU for pointing that out!

    Guess what else? Your little saying about keeping the doctor away shows up on another post I made today:
    The Healthy and Wealthy You Don’t tell me great minds don’t think alike!

    We so deeply appreciate your commenting, Rainy! Come back anytime; the coffee’s always on!

    Mother Connie

  3. I just bought a large bag of garlic for two dollars at the produce market. That chicken sounds delicious. I’m traveling now but when I get home I’m going to have to roast a garlic chicken.

  4. I am so tickled to hear from you! I visited your website and it is adorable. I hope the other Club Members pop in on it, too. It’s wonderful when we all can share our gifts with one another!

    Mother Connie

  5. I popped in for more tips and saw this. Thank you so much! I am honored.

  6. Oh, bless your heart! I meant to send you an email but life happened! grin

    Letters like yours are what makes my world go round! Thanks again!

    Mother Connie

  7. Sandra in MO says:

    I love garlic in homemade pica de gallo which I serve with refried beans or taco salad.

    Take a garlic clove or two (peeled) and chop it in your food processor (or by hand) with about 1/2 a small onion. Add a tomato or two and just pulse it until fairly chopped and uniform. You can also use canned tomatoes – just don’t pulse as long since they are softer than fresh. This is so GOOD with just about anything. I even sometime eat it on scrambled eggs. 🙂


  8. Sandra in MO says:

    Speaking of antibiotics, I know people who take a minced garlic clove in a teaspoon of honey (which is also antibiotic) everyday and they rarely, if ever, get sick. 🙂


  9. Oh, you are making my mouth water, Sandra! This is spectacular!

    How good of you to share your wealth of knowledge with the whole class! We so appreciate you taking the time to send these to us; we are more than delighted to spread the word!

    Here’s hope you are staying warm!

    Mother Connie

  10. Yes, Sandra; the joke in our family about this remedy was from my father. He insisted the only reason this worked well was because of the garlic–he said that that smelly garlic ensured that people stayed away from one another and that’s why people who did this stayed well!

    It’s also true that honey and cinnamon taken together regularly will help keep you well and work to keep OLD AGE at bay. Of course, we know that works because I am only 33!

    Your comments are delightful and greatly appreciated, Sandra. Do stop by ANY time! Thanks again!

    Mother Connie