Food Stamps Cooking Club: Gourmet Soup on the Cheap!

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Here are all the fixin’s you’ll need to make a low cost gourmet soup that is DELISH!

On a recent Girls’ Day Out we had lunch in a cute eatery in a nearby town.  The weather was chilly so we thought soup would be a good idea.  It was such a great idea that one of the girls confessed, “If we were not in public I would LICK this bowl with my tongue.”  Seriously, the soup was THAT good!

Normally I prefer to make my own soup but we do like canned tomato soup when we are pinched for time.  I’m thrilled to tell you I stumbled on to making the soup we GIRLS had and I want to share that with you.

Generally speaking, making soup from scratch at home is the most economical but there are times when canned tomato soup is on sale.  That’s the time to stock up if you can.

Here is how what I put together to make a really gourmet-like soup on a budget:

1  large can tomato soup *26 oz can

1  can full of milk or milk = half n half *IF you have it

1  cup of Parmesan cheese

1  tablespoon finely chopped basil

Warm the soup and liquid gently, stirring often.  When the soup is warm, slowly add the Parmesan cheese, stirring it in to mix well.  Add the basil to finish the soup, stirring it in carefully. 

*If you have the luxury of fresh basil, that makes a pretty garnish

This soup is good on its own but pairs well with grilled cheese sammies, a fresh green salad or fruit salad!  

Some people think of soup as a hearty winter menu item.  We eat soup all year around…

Mother Connie wishes to remind you that 1 in 7 Americans uses public assistance to fund their food budget!  More people qualify but are caught up in delays and red tape…this blog is dedicated to those who struggle to feed their families on a tight budget, whether they are living on a dime or use SNAP or WIC funds, food from a food pantry or food commodities.

If you are one of the many we intend to help, please know that you are loved and appreciated, not judged or criticized.  Nutritious food and family meals shared with people who love one another are an important component of a happy life!

~Connie Baum



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  2. Mothers know these things, Marla! *grin/giggle

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    Mother Connie