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Can you BELIEVE IT? My Dog Ate My Blog Post...

Healthy Holiday Meals On A Dime

This is a Guest Post, courtesy of Edward Stern, blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and writer for accredited online colleges for Guide to Online Schools.

This holiday season, you don’t have to break the bank to create healthy holiday meals the whole family will enjoy. Too often families over spend unnecessarily on ingredients when cheaper options are available – ones that will taste just as good.

First off, when buying meat for a holiday feast, go for turkey or ham rather than goose or duck. You’ll get much more bang for your buck: goose and duck are expensive, and you’ll be dismayed at how quickly their meat is gone. On the other hand, turkey and ham will be able to feed large families for several meals.

When planning holiday meals, think of what will make for great leftovers as well. Those turkey and ham leftovers will make awesome sandwiches and other creations for days to come. A personal favorite is open-faced turkey sandwiches: get two pieces of bread, pile on leftover turkey, add whatever sides (stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.) are still left, and smother it all in gravy, then heat. Extremely simple and quick, and for my money, just as good as the original meal.

When making gravies, don’t bother with getting anything at the store – just cook from scratch. If you made a turkey, all you’ll need is the dripping after baking and a little bit of flour.

For ingredients, cook from scratch with what you have-be sure to go over your pantry and plan ahead before grocery shopping-and buy seasonal or canned vegetables. Seasonal vegetables will be cheaper and fresh. Canned vegetables are very cheap and honestly no one will notice the difference. Oftentimes these are seriously marked down at grocery stores around the holidays.

Dessert is an area where people often spend outside their budgets, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Pumpkin pie is a standard, but the ingredients can get pricey and a pie won’t last you too long outside of the one feast. Instead, consider going with something a little different, such as a pumpkin cake. There’s a great recipe for one here and it’s pretty easy to make. You’ll probably already have almost all the ingredients in your pantry, it will keep well, and it will be a nice dessert in the days to come after the big meal.
The holiday season can get expensive. Make easy substitutions, plan ahead, and enjoy your leftovers to stay within your budget during this special time of year. Happy cooking and happy holidays!

~Edward Stern

Thanks to Edward.   We salute  Kristina Gunderson, who made arrangements for us to have this tidbit! We hope you cruise on over to My Dog Ate My Blog to see what’s really going on!  They have indicated they are changing their focus and they have lots happening in many areas of interest!  Be sure to let them know that Mother Connie sent you their way!

If you are a user of an EBT card for SNAP or WIC; if you order Angel Food Ministries’ bundles; if you depend on food commodities or a food pantry to help you with your food costs this guest post might well trip your trigger!

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Take good care of one another during this holiday season, boys and girls!  We don’t need anybody feeling punky!

Connie Baum

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  1. Webmaster says:

    WOOHOO! Thanks for the shout out!

    Mother Connie

  2. CTMOM says:

    Years ago, I used to always make a whole roast filet of beef. Got it on sale for $4.99/lb, it was a once a year holiday splurge. Now I am lucky to encounter a “sale” at $9.99/lb. I switched to baked ham many years ago, often taking advantage of points towards a free ham at a local grocery chain. This years Christmas menu will again include a baked shank ham with pineapple, mashed potatoes, 2 veggies (seasonal or home canned/fzn), a relish tray, home prepared shrimp cocktail. Christmas cookies made at home will be dessert. Easy menu, affordable, too

  3. Great post kiddo and what a face!!!!

  4. Webmaster says:

    Thanks, O Bodacious One. Does this guy look like anybody in YOUR pack?

    Always fun when you pop in. Hurry back, ok?

    Mother Connie

  5. Sandra in MO says:

    Oh Mother Connie! How we love holiday leftovers at this house. The possibilities are endless.

    I like to take leftover turkey and make turkey salad out of it. You can add just mayo, celery, and a bit of onion. But if you want something different why not have it with mayo, raisins or craisins, and diced apples? Or with mayo, celery, onion, and curry powder.

    We like to make turkey tacos, turkey noodle casserole, turkey noodle soup, and just plain old turkey sandwiches.

    Another fun thing you can do is take shredded turkey, a little bit of chopped bacon, and some cheese and make a taco out of it. Add some ranch dressing – very good!

    Those are all the ideas for which I have time right now. 🙂

  6. Webmaster says:

    Hey, Sandra! So happy you could come and weigh in on the leftover bit. This was such an important comment that I put it into a post titled, “Orange You Thankful for Leftovers” so you can scope it out there, too!

    Mother Connie