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Eggs make a simple, low cost, tummy filling meal in minutes.  And talk about EASY-DO!

Eggs make a simple, low cost, tummy filling meal in minutes. And talk about EASY-DO!

As you all know this little corner of the internet is dedicated to users of public assistance for their food dollars.  That would include holders of EBT cards for SNAP and WIC as well as those who  visit food pantries, food banks, food drops, and food commodities.

It was my privilege to attend a large conference recently where I met people who work in food pantries.  The concern seems to be  “WHY do users of public assistance not know how to shop wisely and prepare healthy foods at home?”

This is not neuroscience, my friends. MANY of us are living on  a dime…  Here’s the deal:  People who need help with their food dollars are those who grew up poor or became needy from medical circumstances or had bad luck or made choices that put them into financial straits.  Most likely as they were growing up, their caretakers were working two jobs each to keep body and soul together and there was no time or opportunity for the next generation to learn how to shop or cook.  It may have been “catch as catch can” when it came to the business of mealtime.  Maybe they live in places where good food supplies are uncertain and sometimes unavailable.

Enter Mother Connie!  My passion is for people who want to learn to work with the resources they have in order to S T R E T C H those food dollars to get the help they need AND for those same people to feel appreciated and respected and loved as people.  There will be no scolding, no shaming, no judgement in this little part of the world. We just wanna HELP.

Today I want to share with you how EASY it is to scramble the humble egg.  Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein and can star in any menu-breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Begin by GENTLY heating a coupla pats o butter or a bit of veggie oil..

Begin by GENTLY heating a coupla pats o butter or a bit of veggie oil..

While your butter or oil warm, choose two eggs for each diner and one for the skillet.  *ALMOST the same as the rule for potatoes:  “one for each face around the table and one for the pot.”   Here are the eggs we fixed for today’s lunch:

Scrambled Eggs 2014 002

Mom always taught me to break each egg into a small bowl before I added it into a batch so a bad egg would not ruin the whole works.  You can see that the small bowl was eliminated here and the reason is that these eggs are farm fresh and we have NEVER found a bad egg in the many eggs we get from this resource!  This big bowl is what they were mixed in before the skillet was warm and ready to receive the goodies!

I used a whisk to mix the eggs gently but thoroughly.

SIDEBAR:  Our kitchen is NOT tricked  out with granite counters, double dishwashers, warming ovens, and islands with cook tops.  I’m guessing neither is YOURS.  So if you have no whisk, keep calm and grab a fork.  *However, I would not recommend a plastic fork grin/giggle.  END SIDEBAR

The next step requires a bit of patience because the cook – or the cook’s assistant – would be wise to keep those eggs moving so they don’t cook in a bunch.  You want scrambled eggs to be smooth and almost creamy.  Just stir them with your whisk or fork until they don’t look shiny any more.  At the beginning you can season them with plain ole salt and pepper:

Scrambled Eggs 2014 007

If you want to add texture to scrambled eggs, a nice addition *if you have the time* is to finely chop some onion and celery and/or peppers into the mix.  Just drop the chopped goods into the eggs as you start the cooking process and they will provide nutrition and crunch.

Ketchup is a good condiment if you don’t prefer plain eggs; salsa is a popular one, as well.  Use whatever you have on hand and enjoy every bite.  If you have some bread for toasting, that is a good partner for eggs.  You might like to have canned peaches for dessert if it’s lunch or dinner. And if you are making eggs for breakfast, applesauce makes a great breakfast starter.

Here’s hoping this helps you immensely.  We also hope you have the time and inclination to add your comment on the comment panel below this post.

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and you need to know how TICKLED we are to see all the new members who have hopped on board,  despite the issues we’ve had of late!  Please know you are ALL loved and appreciated.

Connie Baum

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  1. Sheila says:

    Mother Connie,
    I would love to put my toes under your table and break bread with you and talk about the good old days of high school…do you remember Mrs. Carr teaching us how to cook? Of course you do. We will never forget her teaching us to scramble eggs!
    This was great. Thanks for taking me down Memory Lane.

    Love, Sheila

  2. Ah, yes, dear Mrs. Carr. How we loved her. Pity she could not teach me to sew!

    Sheila, thanks for stopping by and brightening this lovely spring day!

    “Pipe” Class of ???? *Remember, Sheila, you are much older than I. I am still 33…

  3. Deb McCollister says:

    I love lentils and know they are such an inexpensive, great source of protein. I also love onions, garlic and cumin sauteed before I add the liquid and the lentils. SO good.

    And the leftovers? I blend with broth for soup. The Turkish eat that for breakfast!

    BTW, I signed up for your blog notifications last night! What a great, great service!!!!

  4. Thank you so very much, Deb, for your kind words and support.

    I am wild to try that Turkish way of making breakfast!

    We welcome you with open arms and are very pleased you took the time and effort to pop by!

    Mother Connie

  5. lorraine wellman says:

    Nothing like farm fresh eggs…but no matter if they are home grown or store bought…eggs are an inexpensive meal stretcher. You can do so many things with them…and scrambled eggs make a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Another plus, as summer heats up our kitchens…cooking scrambled eggs is a quick meal to cook…that means less heat is created in the kitchen. 🙂 That makes me happy!

  6. Oh, Lorraine! You KNOW about fresh eggs-probably more so than the average bear! You are so right; they are versatile and make us happy in so many ways!

    It really feels good to be blogging again and “hanging out” with all our long time pals. I love you, girl!
    Thanks for all you do for so many and taking time to pop in here at the Club House!

    Mother Connie

  7. lorraine wellman says:

    so happy to see you back online and posting. 🙂

  8. Miller Finch says:

    Hi Connie!
    One of the tricks my mother taught me about scrambled eggs to make them fluffier is to add a bit of cold water as you scramble them.

    I just jab the bowl under a running tap as I “whisk” with a fork and whip the water into the eggs. The best eggs ever!

    And…this was seen on the Oprah show too way back. Never add milk to the scrambling, just add a bit of cold water. 🙂 Try it!

  9. Miller Finch! I WILL try that little trick! I was always cautioned NOT to use any liquid but when did I ever follow the beaten path? Thanks for the tip and THANK YOU for popping in to comment!

    Big Hugs,
    Mother Connie

  10. Aw, thank you, Lorraine! You always have been the cheerleader who gave me the most encouragement a blogger could ever hope to have. I really appreciate all your faith in me and your support.

    Great Big Giant Bear Hugs,
    Mother Connie

  11. Barbara says:

    Connie – what a great website!!!! I’ll enjoy coming back and checking it out! Hugs to you my friend!

  12. Thank you so much, Barbara! I wanted to help people who depend on public assistance for their food dollars so this is the result of my passion. I’m so glad you like it.

    This blogger lives for comments, so of course you made my day, Barbara! Hurry back!

    Mother Connie