Food Stamps Cooking Club: Let’s Make Vegetable Broth!

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Mother Connie will show you step-by-step how this jar of broth came into being!  *Pity you cannot smell this because the aroma might make your mouth water!

Mother Connie will show you step-by-step how this jar of broth came into being! *What a pity you cannot smell this because the aroma might make your mouth water!

Making broth can save you a TON of money!  I paid $1.29 for a good sized stalk of celery.  I’ll show you exactly how I turned the waste from that stalk into a delicious ingredient for soups, stews, gravies or sauces.

As soon as I bring the groceries home, I run a sink full of cold water and let the vegetables hang out in it to clean them and rinse away any residue of sand or soil that may be clinging to each one.  Since I wanted to make veg broth (and save a ton of $) I placed the whole stalk of celery in the sink thus:

Making veg broth 002

After it had soaked awhile and was clean, I pulled it out, shook the excess moisture off and patted it dry with a kitchen towel.  I then placed it onto my cutting board and chopped off part of the end and some of the tops:

Making veg broth 004

As you Members know, Mother Connie is a big fan of cooking once and eating twice.  While I was making the broth I was also making a meal, for which I needed to use both celery AND carrots.  I scrubbed them within an inch of their pretty orange lives and trimmed the tops and bottoms, which were added to the celery pot.  *Celery and carrots need not be the only guests at the party…you could add onion pieces, chunks of taters, cut off ends of asparagus, pieces of any root vegetable, whatever vegetable strikes your taste buds’ fancy!

Making veg broth 006

Making veg broth 008

There was enough water to cover the celery and carrots and the whole works got a dose of salt and pepper.  It even got a dash of garlic, just for fun.  I set the burner low enough that there was a nice simmer going.  Little bubbles; no hard boil.

SIDEBAR:  If you don’t have extra salt or pepper or you don’t care  for garlic you need not fret.  You can always add the seasonings your gang likes best when you prepare the recipe you’ll use for your brothEND SIDEBAR

Making veg broth 010

After the veg cooked and the broth was full of its flavor  (I was very busy; it stayed on the stove for about  4 hours.)   I strained the whole business into a large bowl.  *I did this in the sink, just in case I spilled or slopped!  *As it happened, I cooked some potatoes so I added the potato water into the mix.  This means LOTS of richness for whatever gets to hang out with the broth as I am cooking in the days to come!

SIDEBAR:  Once upon a time, Mother Connie strained the goodies into the sink WITHOUT THE BOWL.  Maybe you heard the wailing and the gnashing of teeth at the time?  So I am advising you to get that bowl out of the cupboard before you pull the same stunt I did.  O my.  END SIDEBAR

Making veg broth 012

The final product yielded nearly 2 quarts of good, nutritious  broth.  I will use it for soup, most likely, for braising meat and gravy.  Then it will be time to buy more celery and begin again.

Do you use goods from a food drop?  Are you living on a dime?  Do you have things in your pantry from a food bank or food pantry?  Do you use food commodities?  Might you have an EBT card from WIC or SNAP?  Maybe you are just someone who squeezes a nickel until the buffalo bellows and you want to save money on your food budget.  In any case, we are here to support you.  There is nothing to buy, there are no judgements and we hope you have some fun as you hang out here in the Club House!

If this is your first visit, I’m excited to tell you that you can sign up for a little series of cooking tips, just for becoming a Member.  No dues, no meetings, just serious help for those who need to cook frugally!

We hope you will leave us some love on the comment panel.  You are also welcome to send us a message  at  **We LOVE mail!  And boy howdy, do we ever love our Members!

Connie Baum

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  1. If this is your first visit to this site, we welcome you with open arms and invite you to leave us your comment.

    Mother Connie

  2. Veronica says:

    The broth done like this is very healthy, and saves money too! Great job!

  3. Thank you, Veronica! It’s a staple in our kitchen; I’ll bet you’ve made a kettle or two of it, yourself! Thank you so much for popping by the Club House. Your support means the world to us!!!!

    Mother Connie

  4. Kay Frazier says:

    Really u use the potatoe water too? I honestly didn’t know that, I throw it away and just use water from veg … So I can use potatoe water?

  5. Yes, Ma’am. You certainly may use whatever you have to make it your very own! I know someone who adds the tomato peels, too. Those peelings get strained, so there are no worries.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Kay! We appreciate your coming by to leave your fingerprints…on the blog and on our hearts!!!!

    Mother Connie

  6. Carol in CT says:

    Looks great, Connie! A few suggestions: keep a plastic bag/tub in the freezer for your peelings. Once full, do a batch of broth as you mention. I decant into quart Mason jars and freeze. Nice, homemade “convenience” food for me. I also decant any water from my steamer into these jars. Full of vitamins, a shame to waste it. Finally, as I am always ubber conscientious about my electric bill (really high rates in CT!), I use my Crockpot to make stock. Great on a busy day, uses little electric (reduces your gas bill if that applies) and won’t heat up the kitchen that much (although you could set this up down cellar or in the garage). I make stock of all sorts year round and freeze it.

    great tip!

  7. Ooooooooooooooh, Carol, you have NO IDEA how I have missed you and your dear and helpful comments while technology wreaked its havoc! I love your idea of using the crockpot! And keeping scraps in the freezer is brilliant! Yes, convenience food can be a luxury for those of us on tight food budgets…not to mention the utility bills!

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for keeping in touch with us here at the Club House. Here’s hoping all of you and yours are well and happy!!!


  8. Hi Connie,
    I just discovered that you’re back online with your blog, again! Woo hoo!

    That looks so delicious, especially with the celery tops. Those celery leaves have a lot of flavor. Homemade stock is soooo much better than store-bought.

    We do as Carol does, and save veggie scraps in a container in the freezer. My family calls it “garbage soup”. LOL! But it tastes nothing like garbage! I add a handful of herbs from the garden to the pot of scraps for added flavor.

    Again, I’m glad to find that you’re back!

  9. Oh, Lili It is SO GOOD to hear from you! I have made every effort to send emails to you and they have gone astray; I have no clue why.

    Yup, Carol and you both know how to use everything and save lots of money on food! I grinned when I read about your garbage soup!

    It’s good to be back, all right. We have A/C installers here so the blog has been sadly neglected but we’ll be back on track as soon as the dust clears!

    Thanks again for popping in to comment!

    Love and Hugs
    Mother Connie