Food Stamps Cooking Club Salutes Mothers

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Kudos and roses are precious little to offer all the mothers who are Food Stamps Cooking Club members...

Our hearts go out to honor every mother today.

We understand that you wear a lot of hats, you are greatly gifted and sometimes feel burdened.  There are a good many demands on your time and attention and you are doing the best job you know how to do.

Many of the mothers who are Food Stamps Cooking Club members are single parents.  Yes, we have single dads, too, but their big day is coming up next month!  Some of the mothers who care for their brood are also working outside the home.

Motherhood is no walk in the park.  It’s hard work. The hours are terrible.  The monetary pay is lousy. The rewards are so far down the road that it is difficult to appreciate that rewards will come.   The demands and pressure of motherhood are incredible…

But so are you mothers incredible. You are the brave, courageous and loving first teachers of the next generation.  We are proud of each of you for your contribution to mankind.  We thank you on behalf of your children.

We wish every mom everywhere a wonderful Mother’s Day and we hope you know that your important role as a mother is appreciated every day of the year.  May God bless every one of you richly and abundantly.


Mother Connie


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