Food Stamps Cooking Club: Sandra Discusses Cukes and Zukes?

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Do you recall the “almost oopsie” Mother Connie had with using veggies recently?

That post prompted one of our faithful Members to send this comment.  We chose to offer  it here as a mini blog post because it is so comprehensive and valuable.  Thanks, Sandra.  We appreciate that you are so generous with your ideas!

“Wow!  Mother Connie, that sounds wonderful!  I usually just roast my zukes in the oven with some salt and pepper.  But I have a friend who marinates hers and then dehydrates them.  So they turn out like chips but are healthier.  Imagine some zukes chips flavored with italian dressing, balsamic vinegar, or even bbq sauce.  Yum Yum!  And zukes are so easy to grow.  🙂

I also love to use zukes in veggie fajitas a few times a summer.  I just cut zukes and yellow squash in long strips and saute them with onions, peppers, and peeled tomatoes.  Then I serve them in tortillas with some sour cream and cheese.  Yummy and healthy!  🙂

Even though we just pushed ourselves away from the dinner table, these ideas are mouth-wateringly appealing!

Thanks again, Sandra!

Anyone who is frugal, anyone who uses WIC or SNAP or Farmers Markets; even users of Angel Food Ministries can benefit from these helpful ideas.  If there are folks reading this blog who simply yearn for comfort food, want to better manage their food pantry food or food commodities, we hope this is a helpful place to come.  Whether a person loves to cook or hates to cook, we hope to offer some assistance.

A message was sent out today about cooking with beans.  Here’s hoping you found that beneficial, as well.

I’m guessing YOU ALL have better ideas than Mother Connie…I surely hope you’ll all take a page out of Sandra’s book and share with the whole class.

Another point to consider:  Chef Shawn Bucher and Chef Joshua Stokes left comments for us on the post that featured their work!  (We were as excited as teenagers being invited to a Prom!)   They were also kind enough to send personal messages via email.  No doubt they like having Food Groupies…grin

The offline Cooking Class will be happening on THURSDAY!  We will keep you all in our loop!

Connie Baum

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