Food Stamps Cooking Club: Spring Salad?

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The energy of potter Ben Behunin now resides in our home! This lovely, whimsical salad bowl is titled "Saturday in the Garden" and it is responsible for a dream coming true! Mother Connie has been jonesin' for a piece of Ben's pottery for a long time!






This handsome three-legged salad bowl, an anniversary gift, is shiny, black, and stunning on our dining room table!

Honestly, I think our dinner salad had more flavor tonight, just because it was served from the new bowl!  For some long time it has been a dream to own something created by “Utah Potrboy” Ben Behunin, a young family man-potter and author-from Salt Lake City, Utah.

You might like to have your evening meal from a paper plate or a take out carton.  That’s fine.  But if you ever get to own something wonderful it makes all the difference in the quality of your dining experience.

We eat first with our eyes so when food and the presentation of the food is pleasant, our digestion will be better, we will make wonderful memories and it will enhance the quality of our lives.

If you are using SNAP or WIC; if you fund your food budget from a food pantry or food bank or if you have access to food commodities you understand all too well about quality of life.  Or lack thereof…

Your humble blogger attended an Advisory Board meeting today which included a tour of a food pantry.  It would be impossible to stress how necessary food pantries, food banks are.  The numbers of people served by these agencies is staggering, even in our home town.  It would be shocking to the uninformed.

Here’s my difficulty:  The well organized shelves of this caring cupboard were loaded from floor to ceiling with box after case of foodstuffs.  There were cartons  of a brand name sports drink; there was row after row of cases and cases of breakfast cereal; we saw ginormous stacks of cases of packaged breakfast ‘kits’ that required no cooking.

These are all offered with the right spirit; help is needed and help is being offered.  But my issue is that every single item I saw, aside from the canned veggies and fruits, was FAKE FOOD.  Packaged, processed, refined, and not a shred of health in any of it.

Mother Connie is only one person.  HOW CAN THERE BE AN IMPACT with this tsunami of fake food?

The master plan from the powers that be call for cooking classes for kids.  They are even organizing a no cook program.  But my questions are these:  Will they know that baby carrots are not fit for human consumption?  Will they believe that there is MELAMINE in the baby formula and the powdered milk?  Will they know how to present the various kinds of beans that come to the shelves?  How can we teach people that sweet sports drinks are not as desirable as water?

The issue of poverty and needing food because there are kids to feed is serious and we all need to address this issue.  We also need to let others know that the body NEEDS veggies to flourish.  We need to convey to impoverished people and wealthy folks alike that kids can have hard cooked eggs or yogurt for a quick breakfast in lieu of cold, processed, sugary cereals.  It is imperative that families begin to understand the worth and value of oatmeal and other grains; we need to leave the microwave oven unplugged and watch for bargains on fruits, veggies and real honest to goodness food.

We have discussed on this very blog the use of delicate curly dock and tender dandelion leaves.  We’ve mentioned violet leaves as not only tasty but beautiful contributions to a health supporting diet.  THEY ARE FREE. 

Perchance when we get desperate enough, we may give those ideas a go.  Until then, we will probably dump processed, sugary cereals into our kids’ breakfast bowls and pay for it dearly with multiple visits to health care pros later on.

Tonight we placed a fresh green salad into our bowl to celebrate the arrival of the esteemed potter’s energy and to pay tribute and honor to the lovely woman who gave this bowl to us.  That’s the beauty of life-you get to choose.

PLEASE choose well and wisely.  We want you to be well so you can rise above your situation, live your best life and be your best self.

As always, we welcome your comments and you can contact us as well at !

Connie Baum

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  1. sheila davis says:

    What a beautiful attitude of gratitude Mother Connie exudes. No wonder her food nourishes her so with her appreciation of the creation of all things whether it be the potter’s energies she digests or pure nature’s food supply readily available in her yard. Everyday at Connie’s is “A Morning in the Garden”. My love and admiration, Sheila

  2. Why, thank you, Sheila. You are making Mother Connie blush…

    The way this bowl came to us, the way we learned about this young potter, the way we care for users of food assistance are the ways we know WE ARE ONE.

    Mother Connie

  3. Utah POTRBOY says:

    Hey Connie,
    Thanks. I hope you enjoy the bowl.

    I am busy working on book three and with any luck will be able to keep to my July release date.

    Hope you’re well.

    Cheers, and Viva Niederbipp.

  4. Oh, Ben!

    We ARE enjoying the bowl, thanks.

    I’m excited to read book 3; so is my Book Lovers Club!

    Thanks for popping by. Please know that you are loved.

    Mother Connie
    PS/I’m serious about you and yours coming to join us for a meal!

  5. Shirley Steen says:

    This is good, Connie. I see small children eating fries, nuggets etc in fastfood places. I admire you for trying to educate people. Thank you so much for being a healthy food and drink warrior.

  6. Oh, Shirley! It makes Mother Connie SO HAPPY to have a like minded soul weigh in on this critical issue. Particularly since you are in agreement! grin/giggle Thank you so much for taking your precious time to come by and leave your thumbprint.

    Any time you’d like to contribute recipes or ideas for our Club Members, you are more than welcome.

    Word is you learned through your illustrious lifetime the fine art of frugality. Coupled with health concepts, those notions have given you top quality of life for some time now!

    Mother Connie

  7. Sandra in MO says:

    I think one of the greatest favors – for health and economics – we can do for our children is to teach them to like beans. Beans can not only be cooked but also sprouted. Isn’t it wonderful! 🙂


  8. Oh, Sandra, I could not agree more! And unless our moms or aunts or grandmas or someone who loved us TAUGHT US how to incorporate various varieties of beans into our diets, we may not have figured it out on our own.

    Yes, it IS wonderful. And YOU are wonderful for popping by and leaving your wisdom behind! Thank you so much!

    Mother Connie