Food Stamps Cooking Club: What IS That I Smell?

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Is that bacon I smell?  It isn’t time for breakfast…what IS that wonderful aroma?  Oooooooooh, BACON PIE?  I’m so in!  Where’s my fork and my bib?

While surfing the net I stumbled across a charming piece and I want to share it with you.  I have no clue what country this recipe comes from but the way it’s presented is charming and since I’m a bacon lover I could not resist sharing this with all of you Club members:

“Bacon Pie


• 12 Bacon slices (crisply cooked, crumbled)
• 4 Eggs (beaten)
• 1 cup Shredded Cheese
• 1 cup Baking Mix
• 1-1/2 cup Milk
• 1/8 tsp Ground Black Pepper
• 1/3 cup Onion (chopped)

How to make Bacon Pie:
• Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
• Sprinkle cheese, bacon slices and chopped onions on a greased pie plate.
• Stir milk, eggs, baking mix and black pepper in a medium bowl with a fork.
• Pour this blend into pie plate.
• Bake it for about 40-45 minutes.
• Bacon pie is ready.”

Well, it’s SIMPLE enough to make.  The hard part will be waiting for 45 minutes as it processes!

Here is another of this cook’s notes; I’ve taken heed that the spellings and wording and it causes me to think we’re dealing with an Englishman!

“… Few people can resist home-baked items and here are two favourites, firm enough to travel well and substantial enough to be the centrepiece of lunch.

Method for the pastry

Bring butter to room temperature. Sift flour and salt onto workbench. Chop butter into smallish pieces, toss lightly in flour and rub lightly together. Make a well in centre and pour in water. Work into a lumpy dough. Using the heel of your hand, quickly smear pastry away from you across the bench to combine. Press into a flat cake, dust with flour, wrap in plastic film and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes before rolling out.

Preheat oven to 180C. Line a 22-cm loose-bottomed flan tin with just over half the pastry and chill again for 30 minutes. Roll out rest of pastry to make a lid and set aside.

For the filling

Lightly fry bacon and cut into pieces. Scatter two-thirds of the bacon over base of pastry case. Scatter with half the herbs. Break 10 of the eggs, one at a time, into a cup and slip each into pastry case, being careful not to break yolks. Season and add rest of herbs.

Carefully add remaining bacon, then cover with pastry lid. Let pastry settle over the hump of each egg, then trim it and seal edges carefully. Whisk remaining egg and a pinch of salt together and brush over pastry. Bake for 35 minutes until a rich gold. Allow to cool before removing from tin. Serve warm or cold.”

I don’t know about YOU, but the last one is just like reading a romance novel.  Fun to read about but I’ll not be likely to be personally involved!

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Enjoy your bacon!

Connie Baum



  1. This sounds good and very interesting, I might have to try it.

    Thanks for sharing it,


  2. Oh, doesn’t it sound good, though? It was amusing to me to see the European measurements! I guess we foodies are located all over the globe.

    By the way, Renita, you owe me a batch of cookies. grin

    Hugs, Mother Connie

  3. Cindy says:

    so the English recipe is in a pie crust, and the American version uses some sort of Bisquick-type mix to make an upper biscuit crust… am I reading it right?

    It does sound delicious!

  4. Yes, Cindy Jo, that’s my understanding of it. I found that site by way of a press release website and it struck my fancy. Sounds as if it hit YOUR hot button, too! I can hardly wait to get into the kitchen to see how I can put my own touch to this pie!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your fingerprint!

    Mother Connie