Food Stamps Cooking for Christmas?

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May peace and goodwill surround you and yours this Christmas season!


This week will find travelers scurrying to their destinations; last minute preparations for the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child, and maybe there are “Christmas Secrets” hiding around your home!

We trust you will excuse us while we celebrate the season with our family and friends…this blog will not have the attention it has had for awhile.  When the posts go up again-in the new year-we will continue to share as we are able in order to cater to those of you who have come to depend on our help.

To all those who have showered us with recipes; to those of you who gave from your hearts to help users of SNAP and WIC make Christmas special for their children; to those of you who have supported this blog with your comments and your information we thank you from our hearts and wish you a most blessed and joyous Christmas season.  For 2010 we hope everyone enjoys abundance, peace, joy and good health!

With  love and light,

Mother Connie and The Normanator



  1. Imee says:

    I’m hoping you and your family had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 Happy holidays, Connie!

  2. Oh, Imee! We had a ROCKIN’ OUT Christmas! We have had snow for days and we are socked in! We’ve been watching the weather and eating lots of great food.

    We hope you and yours have a WONderful 2010. Maybe this will be the year you get to the states?

    A Thousand Hugs,
    Mother Connie

  3. sheila davis says:

    I sure giggled as I read “Secrets Hiding Around the House.” As Santa was filling the stockings here there was much scurrying and panicing as while elves were busy all year, Santa couldn’t quite remember where all had been stashed. One gift was gathered in the midst of opening. Funny how things come to you when you CALM DOWN and need them. Not sure anyone else can relate to this. Know 2010 will be bringing us all Good Things.
    L & L, Sheila

  4. OH, my. Reminds me of the time we fixed oranges with cloves and could not find them to save our souls! Finally, as the guests were leaving, we went to get their coats and smelled them! We had stashed them on the top shelf of the closet for safe keeping! Gave us a good laugh and a great memory!

    Yes, Sheila, we are looking forward to much good in 2010! We hope we can DO much good with this blog!

    Mother Connie

  5. I love cooking and the holidays make want to make special food for my family.

    This is an awesome idea for a Blog, to be able to create recipes using food stamps and WIC is absolutely fantastic.

    I will keep coming back for more recipes.

    Thank you.

  6. O my goodness, Alfred! I’m so happy to be able to fill a need! Glad you like the concept.

    I hope you’ll remember to sign up for our cooking tips. We never mean to stuff your Inbox with useless, sales type messages. We only want to make your kitchen experience a good one.

    Stop by any time and feel free to share any low cost recipes your family enjoys!

    Mother Connie