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Party Treats for holidays or any celebration are such fun!

Party Treats for holidays or any celebration are such fun!

As part of the daily routine around here I love stopping by a blog called “Bodacious Boomer” just for a peek into Michele Eigler’s life.  She makes me laugh; she makes me cry and the other day she chased me into the kitchen to see if I had the fixings to make these treats!

Here’s what Michele had to say:

“Here’s a great recipe for a homemade holiday treat. There are a lot of versions of this around. This one comes from my good friend Rosie. She’s been making this since God was a child and giving it to everyone for the holidays. This is in no way, shape or form healthy. (If you’re looking for that, please look somewhere else). I made this a few years ago when we did an event in Tennessee. I put a 1.5 C. in ziploc bags and sold it for $3 a pop. I called it Heaven. (I sold out every day). This stuff is addictive!

Before you start, get out the biggest bowl you own and cover your counters (or 4 cookie sheets) with wax paper.

Chop up two pkgs. of the vanilla almond bark into pieces. Place it in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Take it out and stir. Put it back in and repeat. Keep doing this until the candy is melted. (Do not heat for more than 30 seconds at a time). When melted, put it into your biggest bowl. Immediately add 1, 15 oz. box of Captain Crunch PB* and 1, 15 oz. box Rice Krispies*. Also add 1 whole can of peanuts. (Rosie uses Spanish peanuts. I use honey roasted). Mix until the cereal is completely covered and immediately place onto a surface covered with wax paper. (I use a spatula to pat it out). Then when it’s set, break it apart to serve or put into containers.

If you’re taking it somewhere for a group, make sure you have a note somewhere that says it contains peanuts.

* You can use the generic versions of the cereals and save a ton.”

So, there you have it, kids!  We appreciate Michele’s generosity in sharing and we know you’ll have fun making these goodies.  They fit perfectly with the budgets we cater to:  SNAP; WICK; Angel Food Ministries; food pantry and food commodities users.

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  1. sheila davis says:

    Plan to make these for gifts for Valentine’s as our larders are laden with Holiday Treats galore now, but sounds absolutely “heart melting”.

  2. You’ll LOVE having these around for Valentine’s Day, Sheila!

    And, did you notice how cute she was about the history of the recipe and the directions? Gotta love the Bodacious Boomer!

    Peace Out, kiddo! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your footprint!

    Mother Connie, sc