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Oh, boy!  Do I have some fun things to share with you today!  Spending the weekend as guests in the homes of people who really know how to make things happen has been invigorating!

This is the time of year when those pesky gnats find your cut watermelon or the slices of tomato you have managed to get out of your garden before a ridiculous 17″ snow happened!  Velda showed us the definitive way to avoid those critters:

Gnat Solution:

Place a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a small dish.  Custard cups would be ideal for this but any dish will do.  Drop a wee bit of dish washing detergent into the vinegar.  Soon you will see that the mixture has attracted the little critters and they are piling up on the bottom of the dish!

One of our Food Stamps Club Advisory Board members, Lynne Osborn, taught us a wonderful way to easily and inexpensively prepare meatballs that are good enough to offer to guests:

Lynne’s Scent-sational Meat Balls

1 jar ready-made salsa

1 jar orange marmalade, peach preserves or apricot jam

1 package prepared, frozen meatballs

Place everything into a crock pot.  You could also put it all into a baking dish, cover with a lid and place it into a 325 degree oven til everything bubbles and is thoroughly heated.

These were prepared early in the morning and when we opened the door at noon, the aroma was simply divine!  You really must try this dish very soon!  It is so delish!

Here is MY version of that, taking into consideration that prepared foods eat up your budget.  This is especially critical if you are using an EBT card from SNAP, WIC funds, or you got your food from a food pantry or Angel Food Ministries-or if you use food commodities.

Home made salsa is probably preferable for saving money and there are some mighty fine tasting home made salsas in the cupboards of kitchens around!

If you have home made preserves or jams, so much the better for saving money and eating organic!

Frozen, prepared foods not only spendy;  they are likely to have toxic additives.  I suggest you make up your favorite mix for meat loaf, form little balls and use those.  It will take more time to do but the yield will be much greater and the cost will be more in line with managing food dollars.

There have been a number of ideas and recipes sent to and we are deeply grateful for each one and the senders!  We certainly expect to use them, so stay tuned.  We are also working diligently to bring you a little somethin’-somethin’ as a small token of our appreciation for each of you.  Stay tuned for that, as well.

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  1. sheila davis says:

    Great tips………you and I cook a lot alike per meatloaf mix,etc. I’ll be ready for the gnats next time!

  2. Ya think it’s cuz we grew up in the same era? You ARE 33, too, aren’t you? (Say ‘yes’) grin

    I think we need to put some of Sadie’s great food ideas on here…what say you?

    Mother Connie