Grapes of–Say WHAT?

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Someone sent me a bookmark with a quote I like: “May the sweet fruits, the grapes of gratitude, bless us each day.”

It’s really true.  I found that out this very week.  Knowing that the best we can do for ourselves, in terms of food, is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes it’s tricky to do it within the confines of a tightly squeezed budget.  That’s no news flash.  Especially if you are using food stamps.  Or food commodities.  OR, if you shop in a community food pantry.

But this week, grocery list in hand and tight budget in mind, I made a grocery run.  I actually FOUND BLACKBERRIES ON SALE!  I looked carefully at the plastic package.  I was sure that if they were selling so reasonably they had to  be moldy or defective in some way. 

I was so grateful to discover they seemed to be quite fine.  SIDEBAR: Thank you, Tecumseh Central Market!  END SIDEBAR   I treated myself to a bowl of berries, loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, juice and FLAVOR.   That is something that makes me ooze with gratitude.  And good health, to boot!

Here’s hoping YOU can find affordable fresh foods to feed your family well.  We also hope you have creative ways of preparing your meals and that you’ll be willing to share those ideas for the good of all.  If you are game to share, just send a message to .  We love hearing from our members!

We like sharing, too, so we extend the invitation for you to visit any of our partners, whose banners appear on this very page.  Some will help you with your meal planning and prep, like Saving Dinner and others, like Rapid Cash Marketing , can help you to bring some extra money into your household.  The good folks at High Tech Health will be able to help you improve your health, like those blackberries can do!

YOU bless us with your messages!  We hope we bless you with ours!  Isn’t gratitude FUN?

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Connie Baum


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