Lorraine Wellman and Connie Baum Speak About Food Stamps Cooking Club?

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  1. WritewhereUr says:

    Connie, thank you for the opportunity to shine a light on what you do here on the Food Stamps Cooking Club blog. There are so many great people who come here to share and learn from one another. Thanks to your very friendly way of welcoming everyone and valuing their experience and comments…i think it makes me feel like we are all neighbors talking over the backyard fence. Thanks for being such a great interviewee!

  2. Webmaster says:

    Oh, Rainy! The pleasure was mine. You have had such great experience as an interviewer that you have developed real skill! You knew how to make me sound pretty darned good! grin/giggle

    I’m so glad there is YOU. I am SO GRATEFUL for all the interaction on the Food Stamps Cooking Club. Each member is critical to all the other members!

    So. Are we having FUN yet? Of course we are!

    Mother Connie

  3. WritewhereUr says:

    Definitely having fun and learning from one another as well. I’d say that is a good combination. Have a great day!

  4. Webmaster says:

    Thanks, Paula! We had fun doing it; maybe you could tell!

    Mother Connie

  5. WritewhereUr says:

    Thanks for saying so Paula. Glad you enjoyed it. Connie’s right…we had a blast doing it.

  6. Webmaster says:

    Thank you! The Club House has been BUZZING!

    Mother Connie

  7. Excellent information! Thank you for sharing this with the world… and with ME!

  8. Excellent information! Thanks for sharing with the world… and with ME! Rainy, you did a marvelous job of asking the right questions and well, Connie, you have the answers! Well spent 14 minutes!

  9. Webmaster says:

    Thank you so much, Anita! I so love it when you come by the Club House.

    We had a lot of fun with the interview. On a serious note, the need is becoming overwhelming. I’m sure you are aware of the changes being made by the NE legislature. They are closing the Auburn office; sending employees to the Beatrice office. Makes it ever harder for those in need to be helped.

    Maybe if everyone does just a little bit more we can solve the problems together. I suppose the Club House could become a Soup Kitchen…

    Hurry back. I always need an Anita Fix! grin

    Mother Connie

  10. Jan Tallent says:

    Two of my most favorite women in the entire world talking about something so important to so many of us – thank you both for a great job AND for being such wonderful, loving and caring friends of mine as well! XO

  11. Webmaster says:

    Ooooooooooh, Jan! It is SO WONDERFUL to have you pop by the Club House. Glad you liked the interview.

    Too bad you aren’t here for “Dump Cake”…it will be out of the oven very soon! And of course, there will be the obligatory freshly brewed coffee!

    Thanks for the kind words and the warm, sincere friendship, Jan!

    Mother Connie

  12. WritewhereUr says:

    Jan…thank you so much for that…we appreciate it very much as we know from our friendship with you that you have a heart for these matters as well. You often are supportive of programs that help people in need and you are a great friend. Blessings to you!