Nothing SOUNDS Good…?

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  My parents were in the grocery business for many years.  My mother could choose anything she liked from any aisle in that little store and she could order whatever struck her fancy.  EXCEPT, when there were damaged goods to be used not sold or when there was a piece of meat that was not quite fresh enough for a customer. 

  The problem was that my mother was not all that wild about food PREPARATION. 

  I GET that.  She worked in the store and was as responsible as my father for stocking the shelves, ordering the merchandise, cleaning the floors, and checking out the customers’ orders.  She was the #1 Carry Out Girl, too.  She was good with people and children and the public appreciated her many attributes. 

  But when her workday ended, like many working people, there was a meal to prepare.  She would wail, “Nothing sounds good” because she probably was too tired to eat, let alone prepare a meal for the three of us.

  I am not my mother’s daughter in that respect.  I love food as much as I love people and it gives me great satisfaction to plan and prepare meals.  Having guests here to share a meal is a big bonus.

  That’s why I am so excited for the Cooking Classes!  We get to hang out, talk about food, prepare food, eat food, and the plan is that people will get help with their kitchen duties as well as their food budgets and their health!

  WEEK ONE will find our group looking over the pantry and thinking about the refrigerator and freezer.  A cooking tip went out into cyberspace earlier today reminding people that cleaning out the fridge can be a weekly task (NOT a CHORE) and it should not be something to dread or obsess about.  Since we will be meeting in our modest kitchen it will be like a gathering of neighbors. 

  Part of the delight of these classes is living life with passion, zest and gusto!  Whatever gives YOU delight is the thing you would be wise to follow. 

  Maybe geography keeps you from coming to our little class.  In that case, you can access help from our partners: Leanne Ely and Kristen Suzanne They have so many ideas you’ll have no reason to think nothing sounds good!

  To receive cooking tips in YOUR inbox, please visit Food Stamps Cooking Club !

Connie Baum


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