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Raise your hand if you love dessert!

Preparing summertime desserts need not heat up the entire house, nor do they need to devour your entire food budget!

For people who fund their food budgets with the help of Angel Food Ministries, SNAP, food commodities or food pantries, this is a serious consideration.  And it’s equally serious for those who simply pinch every penny to make their food budget stretch as far as possible, no matter how it’s funded!

Hardly anyone turns down dessert so today I would like to bring you a dessert from a Food Stamps Cooking Club faithful:


One box angel food cake mix + 1 #303 can crushed pineapple, juice and all

Mix together til well blended

Pour into 9×13 UNgreased pan; bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Top with whipped cream; add a few strawberries if you want.


Just THINKING about this dessert makes my mouth water! What a pretty serving that will make.  After all, we DO eat first with our eyes!

Anita made this dessert for a special occasion and it won rave reviews!  YOU can do the same thing for your family and friends!

The Food Stamps Cooking Club has announced the date for the Cooking Class:  September 19 at 10 AM.  There will be no charge for the class but you MUST RSVP to for all the particulars.

We offer a big, loud round of applause to those of you who have come by to see what’s cookin’ and we especially want to thank you for sending your friends, too.  People who put their email addresses in to Food Stamps Cooking Club will receive a series of tips and ideas.  We hope never to intrude on their Inboxes.

Our partners are tickled to have you look in on them, too.  Thanks, guys.

We hope you leave us a comment…you know the drill.

Connie Baum


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