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We can ALWAYS count on the Club Members to come up with great solutions to the problem we all face:  Taming the family budget!  Whether we are shopping for food or household items, timing is everything.  MikeMax, bless her heart has come through for us with this message:  THANK YOU, MIKEMAX!

From the desk of MikeMax:

“For those of you who budget from month to month and usually run out of money by the time you run out of month: Try to hang onto a little extra ca$h this month. There will be really good sales over Memorial Day, which is the 28th this year.  You might save big on groceries and on lawn and garden items. Memorial Day is a good time to stock up on condiments, canned beans, etc., for the summer. You may also find “grilling” meats on sale, since Memorial Day is the first big weekend of the summer.

Ace Hardware-and likely Home Depot and Lowe’s-will have great prices on garden tools, fertilizer and such like. No, I don’t have any inside info–they just always do! Some of the best deals at Ace will likely include a rebate. They process their rebates very quickly, but you will still need to be a few dollars ahead to take advantage of them. Watch the newspaper for flyers the week before the holiday weekend.”

Great ideas with foresight, MikeMax.  Those young ‘uns who are just starting to keep house will surely find it helpful and those of us whose households are firmly established can always use reminders!

Now, if I may change the subject abruptly:

Several posts ago Mother Connie posted the recipe for Celery Salad.  It featured celery and onion and was a BIG hit in the Club House!  WEll, here is a bit of a PS:  We did not eat the last bit in the first sitting so FROZEN PEAS were added to what was left for the next go round.  O MY, talk about DELISH.  This salad would be a perfect take-along for a summer picnic, especially if you omitted the mayo and used only the dressing.  I’m thinking Memorial Day…

Each time the mail comes in, it is heartening to see how you are sharing this blog with others.  This must mean that we are accomplishing our goal of helping people who must cook frugally!  This whole project was designed for those who use WIC or SNAP’s EBT cards; we cater to people who depend on food pantries and/or  food commodities  as well as those who are living on a dime, just love to squeeze those nickels til the buffalo bellows or are just cheap by nature!  For those of you who have joined our bunch, we hope you like our series of cooking tips.

It seems as if everyone who is lucky enough to have work these day  probably has TWO jobs.  People are tired, stressed, and hungry at the end of a day.  We cannot plug in your crock pot or turn on your oven for you but we hope we make your life a wee bit easier by providing recipes and ideas that give your families good, sound nutrition for very little money.

The school years are grinding to a halt around here.  Let’s hope every family has a safe, happy summer, full of tremendous good memories and great, affordable meals!

Connie Baum

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  1. Carol says:

    Connie-Max’s posting on your blog got me thinking: we’ve been eating down our stockpile, our freezer, the pantry, the home canned goods. As items are finished, I find myself asking whether or not to write “X” on my ever growing grocery list. I am using things up, but in the process, also eliminating some items from our shopping cart. Some are due to economics, some due to health reasons, but mostly finances are the issue. I then ask if there is an alternative way to continue to still serve “X” but just more economically. I’ve really pushed myself to solve this dilemma.

    As Summer weather, and picnic foods hit the scene, Max is so right-NOW is the time to stock up for the year, if you have the space and funds.

    Ketchup/mustard/mayo/relishes-all will be ubber cheap. Also try the dollar store (I do read labels and only select made in USA or Canada products, for personal reasons).I also home canned some lovely relishes last year, so we are set with that!
    Hotdogs are already going on sale. I am a hot dog snob, only buying beef, no fillers, nitrate versions, and only a few brands. Still, sales AND coupons are everywhere!
    Baked beans-again sales, discount grocer, dollar store; check for coupons as well, they are out! I also made large batches of baked beans and tomato based a la Campbells beans (used to use 3 large bean pots in the electric oven)in the large crockpots, freezing in meal sized containers. I guestimate $1/28 oz can’s worth. Also load up on dried beans (I stock up when visiting family in the South @ Dollar General-great deal on large bags dried beans) as well as canned. I have a great calico bean recipe that really stretches to feed a crowd.this also freezes well.
    Stock up on pasta, elbow mac in particular whenever under $1/lb. If I see pasta on the marked down shelf since the corner of the box is crushed, I grab it and use whatever shape it contains.
    Stock up on tea bags, herbal/regular/decaf. when the sales hit. Use cpns, etc. I home brew iced tea @ 8 cents/gallon. We add our own sweetener if desired, and lemon. Super cheap, compared to mixes.
    Lemonade? I prefer fzn concentrate. Price at Aldi’s can’t be beat
    got leftover coffee? make coffee ice cubes for Summer iced coffees. Won’t dilute the drink.
    “Koolaid” for homemade ice pops or as is-stock up on the bags of mixed flavor packets at Aldi’s The name brand stuff goes for 25/pouch-MUCH cheaper with a generic! Why not just try ice cold WATER as well on a hot day? Float some lemon or orange slices if you have them
    Having a party? Stock up on 2 l bottles of generic seltzer. Add a splash of the juice of your choice in an ice filled glass, add some berries if available, a sprig of mint, and top with seltzer. Fizzy, little calories, and pretty. Sure beats paying for soda.
    Compare making your own burger patties vs buying preformed. Compare grnd beef vs poultry as well. stretch these meats with chopped onion, egg, bread crumbs, grated veggies (got zuke?), some spices etc
    Make your own rolls. I taught myself how to, using ABM (hand arthritis) and they are fine. I refused to pay the over $4 for good rolls that the stores were and are charging as of a few years ago.
    How about kabobs? get split chicken breasts when on sale and learn to debone them. Cube the meat, marinate (make your own for pennies) and line a scewer with meat, and veggies. Grill and serve over rice. Very pretty presentation and wonderful use of home grown produce, if available.


  2. Carol, your ideas are simply BRILLIANT. This is a great extension of all MikeMax and I posted earlier!

    Your kabob idea makes me think of all the many fondue meals we used to have once upon a time…dipping chunks of fish or meat into some cheesy goo or sauce is a good way to fill tummies slowly so the food does not get quickly gobbled up, leaving a diner feeling empty and unsatisfied.

    It may tax our creativity to be pro active in keeping our food costs low but there is a certain amount of satisfaction involved, isn’t there?

    Thank you SO MUCH for your valuable contribution to the Club. Consider yourself “group hugged” from all the Members!

    Mother Connie

  3. Carol says:

    This Saturday’s errands brought me to the city, where I took advantage of my being there and checked out 4 shops for bargains. My BEST find were 28 oz cans of baked beans (from Michigan, so I do like to support our Americans, esp those from hard hit states!), which we sampled last night-excellent, BTW. I did chance it and get 6 cans, will stock up on more the next time that I am in the city-either Mon or Tues. I also got 20 oz bottles of yellow mustard at a grocers @ $1, but Dollar tree also carries Koops brand mustards in all varieties in 20 oz bottles for yellow and, I believe, 12 oz for spicy brown, etc. I had electronic coupons, limited to one, for a box of Barilla pasta @ 50 cents as well as any can of Campbell’s soup. I looked hard to find one under a $1, chose a 99 cent can of tomato (used often in casseroles and homemade dressing) and paid 49 cents for it out the door. Lots of marked down rolls went into the freezer for next weekend.I loaded up on sale and marked down produce for this week and next weekend’s (Memorial Day) meals.BBQ sauce was on sale @ $1. Used a $1/2 bottles coupon so 50 cents out the door for each. I even treated us to potato chips on sale plus a coupon (yes a national brand coupon!) so I paid $1.49/bag. One store had whole (like 18 lbs worth) of eye of the round roasts on sale. I only paid $1.99/lb so you bet I bought one, brought it home and cut it up myself, so roasts are back in my chest freezer. My point is to capitalize on sales when you encounter them, stock up when you can. Plan menus with what’s on hand, bought as inexpensively as possible to free up funds for this type of stock up shopping. See my blog for specifics:

  4. HOLEY MOLEY, Carol! You have MOPPED UP!

    It really IS amazing what you can do when your back’s against the wall and you MUST come up with something for your gang to eat!

    This shows me that shopping starts, not only with a LIST – and a full tummy – but with a sharp eye for all the ads and coupons you can garner.

    GOOD ON YOU, Carol! You DO win the prize. *Unfortunately, there is no prize…but everyone in the Club House is cheering and chanting, “Ca-rol! Ca-rol! Ca-rol!” in your honor. grin/giggle

    We thank you for sharing your wisdom…

    Mother Connie