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Have You Eaten Fresh CURLY DOCK?

May 4th, 2009

Oh, how fun would it be if the Food Stamps Cooking Club had a meeting TODAY around our picnic table! 

When I awoke today I was greeted by the proliferation of leafed-out trees from yesterday’s warmth.  Even without the sunshine, those trees know it is time to stand in all their green glory!  I ventured into the yard to inspect the garden’s progress.  Along the way, I discovered we have CURLY DOCK sprouting!

Here’s what we’ll have for lunch today:  CURLY DOCK!  I am so excited! 

I will carefully snip the most tender leaves and rinse them.  I’ll remove the midvein with a scissors so as to use only the sweetest, tenderest parts.  I will steam them gently and watch them turn from a delicate green to a khaki color.  I can season them with salt, pepper, and a dab of butter for a gourmet lunch.  I will most probably top the dish with sprinkles of Kamut-wheat berries-I cooked yesterday.  We ate some cooked cold Kamut for breakfast today and it made for a great and tasty, INEXPENSIVE cold breakfast!

When you depend on the SNAP program-food stamps, food commodities, and food pantries to help feed your family it might be very helpful to know that you can supplement your diet and improve your health in a fresh new way by using foods you harvest right from your yard.

I caution you to make sure your yard has not been sprayed with chemicals.  That toxicity would not be something you should ingest! 

We hope you take a moment to visit our partners.  They are interested to help you with food prep and boosting your bottom line.  Their banners appear on this page.  To share your experiences with harvesting food from your yard of other food tips, please contact the Food Stamps Cooking Club here: .  You can send your friends to  if they would like to receive our occasional mailings.

Connie Baum