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Food Stamps Cooking: Cooking With Corn?

January 11th, 2010



When the giant snowdrifts melt, this will be what Nebraskans see during the summer months!


We live in Husker land; the famous Nebraska Cornhusker football team is just up the road from our little town and corn is grown in Nebraska like nobody’s business.  If we did not love eating sweet corn we’d probably followed by the Corn Police.  At the very least we’d be denied access to the sweet goodness!  Corn in Nebraska is pretty much comfort food all year round!

Firehouse #1 in Lincoln was featured in Nebraska Life Magazine recently, where they shared a casserole from their kitchen that makes my mouth water, just thinking of it.    It’s beautiful, it’s golden and will travel beautifully to a pot luck meal, where it will receive rave reviews from people who will gobble it up immediately.  You have GOT to try this one:


2 cans cream style corn

2 cans whole kernel corn, drained

2 sticks butter, melted

2 cups sour cream

2 boxes cornbread mix (I used Jiffy)

In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients.  Mix well.  Pour into greased 9 X 13 inch casserole dish.  Bake at 350 degrees for  45 – 50 minutes.  It will be light golden brown and smell delicious!  This serves 6 – 8, depending how hungry your gang is!

When the oven is baking something it warms the kitchen; your home baked goods will be heart warming!

If you have the time to look at the great comment Anne left for us on our previous post, it will be worth your time.  We are so delighted to have good comments like Anne’s!  We love our mail, too:!

We make every effort here to help people who use SNAP or WIC or food from food pantries or have food commodities; we hope we offer hope to folks who avail themselves of Angel Food Ministries and Farmers Market Coupons.  We make every effort to inspire and empower people who simply need to stretch every food dollar in their food budgets.   We hope to do all this while pointing people in the direction of healthy choices in order to be well and happy.

Other sites we invite you to visit are: Mother Connie Sez.  Mother Connie is all about health; this is the main push of this site but she does reminisce, too.  The Healthy and Wealthy You deals with health and wealth; imagine that!  Rapid Cash Review is a business blog that offers ideas for the work at home  and internet marketing crowd.  As you might expect, we are jonesin’ for comments on each of those, as well!  See how we are?

Your visits, your comments, your support are truly the lifeblood of this site.  We are all in this crummy economy together, kids.  We may as well hang together, help one another, and make the best of it!

Connie Baum

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Food Stamps Cooking: Mashed Potatoes?

January 9th, 2010

This is all that's left of last night's mashed potatoes! THEY WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD DELISH!

One of our favorite magazines and one of the very few we get each month is Nebraska Life.  Their most recent issue featured Fire Station #1 in Lincoln Nebraska.  The Normanator took note of their Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes with Chives, so I created last night’s dinner around that, along with our ole dead chicken, which spent all day hanging out in the oven.  Oboy!  Talk about comfort food!

The whole house smelled as delicious as Thanksgiving!

Here is their recipe for your eating pleasure:

“CREAM CHEESE MASHED POTATOES WITH CHIVES– Compliments of Fire Station #1 inLincoln, Nebraska

6 medium potatoes, peeled and cut for parboiling

1 small  3 ounce package cream cheese

1/2 stick butter

1 tablespoon chives

salt and pepper


Serves 6

In large stop pan, boil potatoes in salt water for 20 minutes or until tender.  Drain potatoes, whip with butter, cream cheese and enough milk to make the texture smooth.  Add salt, pepper, and chives.  Put potatoes into greased casserole dish, sprinkle with paprika and bake uncovered for 30 minutes in 350 degree oven.”

This dish is as beauteous as it is tasty.  We had our fill and will polish the casserole off with tonight’s dinner.  My only regret was that our dinner plates were not dark blue or bright orange because it was pretty monochromatic.  But it did not detract from the FLAVOR.  YUM!

Along with our roast chicken and mashed potatoes, we had the leftover cauliflower cheese we told you about earlier in the week.  The Normanator had baked a chocolate cake, too, so we ate pretty high on the hog!

Sometimes food pantries and food commodities send out bundles with canned or instant mashed potatoes.  This recipe will easily adapt to this recipe.  And, as always, if you do not have cream cheese or paprika, you can get creative and use whatever your family will vote for!  Remember, the Kitchen Police will not come with billy clubs and scold you for not following this recipe precisely!

If you use Angel Food Ministries foods or SNAP or WIC you probably have wonderful potato ideas your family enjoys, too.  We’d love to hear about them.  Those of you who depend on food commodities and food pantries have no doubt learned a trick or two about stretching those food budgets; we hope you will share so everybody can benefit from your experience and expertise.

Send everything to  THANKS!

We cannot stress enough how much your comments mean to us, people.  Keep ’em coming!

Connie Baum

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Who Knew Cooking Class Could Be Such Fun?

January 22nd, 2009

I knew.  I knew it would be fun, but nothing could have prepared me for HOW MUCH fun!

It was a small class, of course, since we only have 4 bowls!  And a very small kitchen.  But we have discussed in detail stocking the pantry, the freezer, the fridge. We had a session on knives, where we even had Show and Tell!  We ‘built’ a skillet meal from whatever we could find in the refrigerator.  Today we had a lesson about Baking Bits.

Too bad you couldn’t be here to smell the sweet, inviting aroma of baking powder biscuits!  They were big and puffy and perfectly browned and they worked very well to make open faced sandwiches, after they were sliced.  We piled mounds of egg salad atop them…mmm… there also was a juice glass with chilled tomato juice.  For dessert we treated ourselves to applesauce, laced with cinnamon and barley grass.  Our tummies were so happy.

There will be two more sessions.  Seven sessions in a series of six.  A bonus round makes for 8 in this series of six…and for that session we will welcome a guest speaker, Kay Young, author of “Wild Seasons”.  Kay is a Folklorist turned Botanist and managed the grassland at Pioneers Park in Lincoln, NE for eleven years.  She will help us with more ways of gaining health while saving money on food.

The final class will be a roundup of ideas and recipe exchange.  No doubt we’ll have a bite to eat that day, too.

This whole series, even this blog, was dreamed up to help people who use food stamps, food commodities and food pantries to feed themselves and those they love.  I can tell you that it is a labor of pure love and working with this has provided me a great deal of joy.

Kay Young shared a recipe with me that her mother had used to stretch her food dollars when Kay was growing up:

Emergency Salad

This is something that keeps on the pantry shelf or utilizes things you’d normallly have in your crisper drawer.  It can be assembled quickly in case guests drop by unexpectedly!

1 can of peas

Add 1 small diced onion

Add 2 or 3 ribs celery

Add a drizzle of oil or a spoonful of mayo to dress.

Salt and pepper to taste.

*Variation:  Add 1 cup shredded cheese

This may be served on lettuce leaves or shredded lettuce or cabbage.

Please send us your stories, recipes and ideas to share with the other club members.  Fire them off to  where they will be received with glee. 

I found a wonderful website you’ll love.  It has so many ‘down home’ recipes for real food.  You will want to check it out:   I used their 1933 recipe for today’s biscuits!

While you are surfing the net, be sure to check out our partners, Saving Dinner !

Connie Baum

Is the Pantry Full?

January 8th, 2009


Today was like a party!


I got to tour our local food pantry!  The recently named Family Development Associate, Terri Brethouwer, was my cheery tour guide.


She was happy to take me through the Senior Center to the area where the foods are stored.  The truck from the Food Bank in Lincoln, NE had arrived

earlier in the day and boxes of food were stacked all over the place!  She

seemed proud to have someone be interested in what she is all about and to see the rows of shelves, the bulging freezer, the cabinet housing non-food necessities.


I was happy to learn about the Pantry.  I learned that people in need can visit four times a year.  They make selections from the goods displayed the way they would shop in any supermarket.  I learned that the Pantry people are concerned about expiration dates on cans, bottles, and boxes.  I learned that they have a paper trail that makes for accountability.


As I looked at the shelves of cans and packages I took note that there was a generous supply of canned beans and canned soups and canned vegetables.

There seemed to be ample numbers of cans of tuna, bags of rice, and the stash of bathroom tissue was impressive.  Bar soap, laundry soap, dish detergent was in good supply, it appeared.  There seemed to be an abundance of boxes of pasta items.  I noted few spices, fewer hot cereals, no large cans of juice or broth.  Canned fruits?  Not so many…


It is pretty clear that the pantry is fairly well stocked now because the holiday season has just come to an end.  But peoples’ need goes on all year around.  Need knows no season.


I guess I would have to hope that this blog can bring to the public’s attention that food donations might be geared to foods for complementing the basics.  I wondered as I gazed at those shelves how many families had the fixin’s for a pie or cobbler for Sunday dinner, for example.  I wondered about cooking without broth or cocoa or oil.  If I needed help from a food pantry, what are the chances I’d even have the wherewithal to acquire companion ingredients to make good, nourishing, filling meals for my family?  I think of children who deserve but do not have variety for their meals and healthy snacks.  I think about husbands and wives who work hard every day to provide for their families but lack the funds to have hot cereal for a good start for their difficult days. 


You haven’t heard the last about our Food Pantry, boys and girls.  The good woman, Terri Brethouwer has agreed to an interview!  Not only that, I am guessing Terri will be willing to put her toes under our table and sample some of the food from the Food Stamps Cooking Club.  She has agreed to attend one of our cooking classes, as well.  Who knows?  To give Terri her due, we may need to extend our 6 session program plan from 7 sessions to 8 sessions! 


Do stay tuned—sounds like a party to me!


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click on the ad, you will go right to their website.  Leanne Ely has so many good ideas about using what you have on hand, whether you shop from a food pantry or use food stamps or have more money than God.  If you have opinions or questions about Food Pantries, please post a comment on this blog or direct your inquiries to .


Connie Baum