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Food Stamps Cooking Club: Pinching Pennies?

March 1st, 2011


Heartwings says, "Using what you have is good economy."

Many of us in this difficult economy are pinching pennies, if we have any to pinch!  Since we are  all about managing food budgets the best way we know how, I think you’ll enjoy today’s offering.  It isn’t going to be something you serve for dinner, but it IS food for thought.

Your humble blogger is privileged to be on the mailing list of a dear writer whose thoughts often pluck at my heartstrings.  Recently one of her essays hit me like a brick, so I asked her permission to share her thoughts here.  Tasha Halpert graciously offered to allow me to quote her.  On behalf of the rest of the Club Members,   thank you so much, Tasha!

‘Heartwings says, “Using what you have is good economy.”
Today’s economy has nearly everyone pinching pennies. It is more difficult to find bargains, especially at the grocery store. Yet with ingenuity it is possible to cut back on certain ingredients in order to save on the food budget. I have recipes in my old Fanny Farmer cookbook for a cake made with a tablespoon of butter. During World War II when real butter was so scarce as to be almost a delicacy this recipe would have been very useful.
Many adults today grew up in an affluent economy without shortages. Some still discard reusable containers, recyclable clothing, or reheatable leftovers. As we grow aware how important it is to make the most of what we have, the thrift of the past may again become fashionable. Those who have never experienced any shortages don’t realize they are being wasteful.
Recently I was about to go to the market to buy more mushrooms for the casserole I was planning when I remembered I had a can of them in my cupboard. As I thought about it, I realized I had quite a bit of food stored away in case of need. Soon I plan to pull some of it out and use it. It is not a good idea to keep stored food for too long; that too is another way I can save.
As I grew up, the Yankee concept of use it up, make do, or do without was deeply ingrained in my being. Over time I fell into wasteful habits that I am working to eliminate. For instance, foods that used to be considered treats had become daily fare. I have also discovered a renewed delight in being thrifty. I recognize how valuable it was for me to have learned at an early age if you know how to make the best use of what you have that there is always enough.

May you find good ways to save and make use of what you have.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

If you hold an EBT card for WIC or SNAP; if you use food commodities or visit a food pantry, this little ditty may resonate with you.  Do you use Angel Food Ministries?  Farmers Market Coupons?  Maybe you are living on a dime…it could be that you are simply frugal and really careful to s t r e t c h every food dollar in your food budget.  Tasha’s message may help you, too.

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Those of you who are quite observant may have noted there is a new page on this blog!  It is called “Cooking Tips” and it came about because one of our faithful members, Anita Brown, sent a whole passel of tips in one fell swoop.  Mother Connie thought it appropriate to treat hints like recipes and add it to our collection.  We hope you find those useful.

Connie Baum

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