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Food Stamps Cooking Club: Is This Your First Time?

April 9th, 2010



Chef Shawn Bucher autographed Mother Connie's copy of his new book! " Now," she mused, " if only we can employ him for our annual cooking class."


The plans and ideas for the OFFLINE cooking class sponsored by the Food Stamps Cooking Club have been rolling around in our heads for awhile now.  We like what Jamie Oliver is doing with the school lunch program.  We admire the hard work and dedication Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray have invested in feeding people who need assistance.  We also like the interest and respect that’s being directed at SNAP, WIC and other public programs.

When Twitter popped up with Chef  Shawn Bucher, Mother Connie was turning cartwheels in her office!  And when the good Chef offered Mother Connie his help with the cooking class, well, she went a little off the charts wild with excitement! The Food Stamps Cooking Club will gladly help him to promote his book because we believe in it and its ability to help any cook of any experience level.  It is really something special, just like Chef Shawn.  You can learn more here:  The First Timer’s Cookbook and you can follow Shawn on Twitter, too!

The chef’s philosophy is refreshing.  He demystifies  foods and their preparation.  He takes us out of our awe-struck fearsome place and into our comfort zone.  He relaxes the “rules” that are either in place or that we imagine are in place.  The book begins with a warning about how the reader will be expected to read and think and he assures us he can help to train our brains so we can get what we want.  How refreshing is this approach to food?

Golly.  That would work outside the kitchen, too!  We could, by learning to cook-even on a tight budget, understand how to nurture relationships or attract the kind of job we want or even the kind of life mate we would like to meet.

That’s asking a lot from a cookbook.  You’d better check it out.

If you are using SNAP, WIC, or food pantries, you are the Guest of Honor here.  The same is true if you utilize food commodities, Farmers Market Coupons, Angel Food Ministries, or every sale your local market offers.  We are all here to support and encourage one another, gang.  Let’s give it our all.

YOU may have ideas about the offline cooking class.  We would love to hear from you.  Seriously.  Send us your thoughts at .

Thank you for stopping.  Please leave your calling card in the form of a comment, won’t you?  It won’t hurt a bit, we promise.

Connie Baum

The FTC wants you to know there are links in this post.  Should those links be clicked and sales result, your humble blogger would be fairly compensated.  Please do your due diligence when conducting affairs online or offline.  Do business only with those you trust implicitly.

Did You “Tweet” Me?

June 11th, 2009

One of my personal favorite websites is Cook It Quick! and I refer to it often.  I am amused to note that they are now active on!  We have Food Stamps Cooking Club members who are in our personal Twitter stream!  How much fun is THAT?  You are welcome to join that Twitter stream by clicking here:

When I made my most recent grocery run, I noticed bananas have increased in price.  That’s a pity because I have a little snack idea for you that calls for bananas:

Monkey Milk

1 banana, fairly ripe

1 cup chocolate milk (you can use commercial chocolate flavoring in dry or regular milk)

1 cup frozen yogurt or ice cream

Mash the banana, put everything into a blender and whirl until smooth.

Monkey Milk is a snack that children will clamor for again and again.  You can vary this combo by adding a spoonful of peanut butter or changing the flavor with berries.  Using 1/4 cup of protein powder will help keep youngsters from craving sweets, too.


We hope you have time in your busy lives to pop in on our partners.  They are sincerely interested in helping you boost your bottom line and make the most of your food dollars. They are keenly aware of the challenges posed when depending on food pantries, food commodities or just managing the food budget on any income.   Some people can procure food through Angel Food Ministries, too.  If we are able to help those folk and those who are using the SNAP program assistance, we are fulfilling our mission.

Your emails have cheered our hearts and they have been DELIGHTFUL!  Keep them coming at !

Connie Baum

A Virtual Food Drive?

January 10th, 2009

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

–From The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

I heard about this virtual food drive through .  When I saw this blog post on, I nearly dropped my jaw!  I asked the author, Beth Ziesenis, if I might quote her and she gave me her blessing.  What she has accomplished, with the help of her circle of influence is nothing short of amazing.  It is not over, gang.  If you have a mind to give, you are welcome to participate.  In Beth’s own words, this is her post from December, 2008:

“I’ve started this post a half dozen times today, first waxing poetic about why I began the Virtual Food Drive a month ago, then trying to explain how it grew exponentially, then attempting to share the pride I feel about the participants. I just can’t tell the whole story without writing a series of posts, so I will simply get to the point.

With your help, food drives throughout North America received donations, resulting in a total of 3,670 pounds donated, plus $600, which means (if you give the conservative estimate that $1 buys a 1lb can of food), we were responsible for adding more than 4,200 pounds of food to help people this holiday season.


I tried my very best to keep up with the donations, but I might have missed a few. And I want to give special thanks to so many, but it’s hard to single anyone out — everyone who participated was exceptional. Nevertheless, I need to send my local thanks to Pete, Jenny, Andrea and D.J. and the rest of the San Diego crew who helped us deliver 565 pounds to the San Diego Food Bank — this was our part of taking the “virtual” out of the Virtual Food Drive. :) Another big thanks to Ben from So Cal Free Net for his help in getting the word  out to our neighbors in Golden Hill.

I also need to thank the Twitter community especially. Several of the truly influential Twitterers took the time to re-tweet info about donating. It all started with BigManWalking, who really sent the info into the Twitter inner circles. Tens and tens of thousands of Twitterers got the message, which led to donations from all over the country.

Here are links to many of the people who left comments about donating and helped spread the word.

I believe we did something important here. I think your contributions mattered. And I thank each one of you for taking steps to help people who need an extra hand.

PS — If you didn’t get a chance to contribute, visit to leave a donation — they say every dollar you donate can buy 20 pounds of groceries for the hungry.” -Beth Ziesenis

*To the members of the Food Stamps Cooking Club, and all our supporters, can we all agree that this effort is monumental and timely?  Kudos to Beth and all the people who gave their energy and resources to this cause!  HIP HIP HOORAY!  -ckb

Connie Baum