‘Tis the Day AFTER Christmas…?

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If you’ve made it to December 26, the chances are very good that you are into The Leftover Zone!  That’s only one of the bonuses of hosting a holiday meal.

At our house we have a big pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove.  We are weary of the sweet stuff that arrives by plateful after yummy plateful and we are ready for some plain ole comfort food.  Something to warm our tummies AND our hearts.

Yesterday’s menu featured roast chicken pieces over roasted vegetables.  The remaining pieces were cut and combined with the broth made from the ends of the carrots, ends and peel of the onions, and stumps of celery stalks.  I always season the broth as if it were some kind of gourmet offering so when the broth is added to the gravy, mashed potatoes and bits of meat it really adds quality flavor and character to the soup.  Of course, the end pieces are strained…

We’ll have a simple dish of applesauce to top this off.  And we will reminisce about how we spent our holiday together and how Christmas will officially end for us when all the guests return to their homes and routines.

The next party is just around the corner, as we look to bidding 2008 goodbye and greeting 2009.  Until January 1, 2009 arrives, you have time to visit Food Stamps Cooking Club  to make sure you are receiving the goodies we are sending out in the way of cooking tips and information. 

I am so grateful to go into the new year, well able to depend on our kitchen partner, Leanne Ely .  Like YOU, I can always depend on Leanne and her team to help me in my quest for Saving Dinner.

Connie Baum


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