What’s For LUNCH?


Pizza might be lunch...what did YOU have for lunch today? Inquiring minds want to know!

Last week we discussed breakfast and that page still exists because the whole point of this blog is to help EVERYbody keep their food costs down.  We anticipate many great ideas and some interesting new ways of looking at lunch.  Get into the act!  Chime in by telling us what YOU had for lunch!

Just go to “comments” and fill in the little comment box!  It’s easy as making a sandwich!

~Mother Connie

Here is the very first entry:  It comes from Donna:

“I mostly eat lunch alone so I usually just make a salad or a sandwich from meat left over from supper.  Your new page is good.  I like coming to this club because I don’t have to dress up or anything.  I just started using my EBT card.  Donna”

Entry #2 comes from Rainy:

“Connie…tomorrow’s lunch will be chilli mac. I made chilli yesterday and there is enough left over to mix with macaroni to stretch it into another meal for five IF I add some macaroni to it and a little more tomato juice & more spices.

If I add a slice of bread & butter with it…we will call it lunch. I think we will have an apple for dessert since we have some apples that need to be used up. They were purchased when they were on sale a week and a half ago. I think that will make a nice filling lunch since the kids are home from school for Spring break.”  ~Rainy

And now for Entry #3:

Carol M says:

Just finished packing 4 lunches:
dh-lefotver lasagna, banana, small yogurt
DS#1-turkey, cheese, mustard, leftover shredded lettuce from recent taco night oen a marked down store bakery roll; banana, small baggie of “cheerios”, 2 homemade oatmeal cookies, reduced sugar “koolaid” mixed at home
DS#2-turkey, cheese, mustard, leftover shredded lettuce on a homemade whole wheat roll; small yogurt, 1 cookie, small cup filled with homemade apple sauce, reduced sugar “koolaid” mixed at home
DS#3-turkey, cheese, mustard on a homemade ww roll; cookie, small yogurt, small baggie of “cheerios”

Me? I have a Pyrex dish with leftover taco casserole waiting for me (made out of leftovers the other day)

Lunches for adults tend to be leftovers; kids get sandwiches on store marked down rolls or homemade rolls/bread. Aldi for sliced cheese. Condiments picked up as loss leaders, combining sales w/ cpns. Home roasted meats, egg salad, PB & J using home canned preserves. I try to add fresh fruit or canned packed in juice. Homebaked goods (muffins, banana bread, cookies). Mini yogurts or a Tupperware mini container filled out of a qt container of vanilla yogurt.

Carol, this destroys the argument that lunchboxes lunches have to be boring or expensive!  GOOD JOB!

Mike has weighed in, too:

Yesterday I had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  With celery sticks.

Who’s next?  Mother Connie?  Oh, my…

The Normanator slicked up the last of the vegetable beef soup; I cleaned out the remains of the chicken noodle soup and we shared the last of the apple salad.  The fridge is beginning to echo.  There is enough chocolate pudding to fill the last of the cream puffs when we have our afternoon coffee break!  We washed our lunch down with tall glasses of room temp PiMag water, which is filtered, mineralized and magnetized AND DELISH.

All righty, then.  Who’s up next?  HEY!  It’s Martha!

“We are having meat loaf for dinner so tomorrow’s lunch will be meat loaf sandwiches! yummmmy!”

Yes, Martha, ya can’t beat meat loaf sammies!  And you are wise to plan ahead!


“DD works PT and takes a lunch to work 3X week.  She likes to nibble and would take Lunchables every day–about 3 of them, LOL. So, this is her homemade Lunchable:
Cheese and crackers
Cup of yogurt
Hardboiled egg
Pickle or olives

It’s an extremely fast and easy lunch to throw together. Usually, she takes 2 slices of Jarlsberg lowfat Swiss cheese, but sometimes she takes cheddar. If we’ve got leftover ham, she gets 1 slice of cheese and some ham. She prefers Ritz or Club reduced fat crackers, but if they aren’t on sale, she will happily eat store brand fat-free saltines, especially with cheddar. We buy a variety of yogurt flavors and fruit, as well as several types of pickles, so there is some variety there.

If I’m out of cheese and crackers, I’ll kill two birds with one stone and make her an egg salad sandwich (her fave) and send along yogurt, fruit and pickles.

This may sound boring, but she is a creature of habit, this is only 3 days a week, and SHE LOVES IT.

She will usually drink a can of pop, or sometimes I send iced tea if I think to make it.”  ~Mikemax

Oh, Mikemax, I love that you don’t have to recreate 3 new lunches every week…the consistency here is a Godsend for time saving and knowing what to keep on hand!

Can’t wait to see who’ll report in next:  Oh, goody…more from Mikemax:

“I should have added that fruit can be fresh or canned, and sometimes I sub carrot and celery sticks. Today’s lunch:
2 slices Jarlsberg Swiss cheese with 8 Ritz crackers
Cup of pina colada Swiss cheese *see note below!
Hard boiled egg
Last of the green olives

I buy #10 cans of sliced peaches for under $4 at Costco. I put the peaches in smaller jars–2 quarts and a pint, tightly packed. Discard the excess syrup or figure out something to do with it. I also buy #10 cans of unsweetened applesauce for $3.55, sweeten it myself and add cinnamon, and put it in smaller containers. One goes in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Good thing Mikemax added this: “Cup of pina colada “Swiss cheese”?! Duh–yogurt. My bad.” because I wondered where on earth she buys pina colada SWISS CHEESE!”

Hm.  Must be Monday, huh, Mikemax?  grin/giggle

I like your idea about the applesauce.  We have home canned and I add sugar and cinnamon by the quart as we open the jars.  I like to whirl the stuff in the food processor, too, but it’s OK if it’s chunky, too.  Makes for variety.

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