You Aren’t Gonna EAT That, Are You?

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It’s holiday time and your family hopes you will fill the house with the aroma of cinnamon and cloves and ginger and all the spices of holiday cookies…

Which is fine, if that’s your thing.  I have a word of caution, though.  PLEASE use sugar and not artificial sweeteners in your baked goods.

I know.  Every magazine ad, every TV commercial, everyone everywhere is cautioning everyone else about the use of sugar.  Once upon a time, it was only your dentist who paid attention to that sort of thing.

Then along came artificial sweeteners.  They are very alluring in their yellow, pink and blue packets.  They are very handy…especially the ones that measure spoonful for spoonful the same as cane or beet sugar.  Here’s the thing:  When aspartame, to cite only one example,  exceeds 86 degrees Farenheit, the wood alcohol in it converts to formaldehyde and that turns into Formic acid, which causes metabolic acidosis.  Formic acid is the poison used by fire ants to kill their victims with their sting!

Can you bake Christmas cookies or any other goodies under 86 degrees Farenheit?  I think NOT.

The toxic methanol condition from Formic acid in a human has the capacity to mimic the symptoms of multiple slerosis, a neurological malady.  There are numerous other bad symptoms I could share but they are so Orwellian that I wish not to frighten you any more than I have.  I just don’t want you to ruin your holidays, let alone your life, by using artificial sweeteners.

If you are serious about learning more about artificial sweeteners you can read this book: “Sweet Poision: How The World’s Most Popular Artificial Sweetener is Killing Us” by Janet Starr Hull.  It was published by New Horizon Press in 1999.

Even though you may be on a budget, there would be no savings from substituting sugar with a non edible, toxic acid product.  We want our club members to be HEALTHY!

For truly healthy food ideas, you can consult with Kristen Suzanne .

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Connie Baum


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